Cloud Computing Using Salesforce - BPB Online

Cloud Computing Using Salesforce

Ashwini Kumar Raj, Saifullah Saifi

From $9.95
Statistics For Machine Learning - BPB Online

Statistics For Machine Learning

Himanshu Singh

From $9.95
Hands-on Pipeline as a Code with Jenkins - BPB Online
On sale

Hands-on Pipeline as a Code with Jenkins

Mitesh Soni, Ankita Patil

$9.95 $34.95
Python Interview Questions - BPB Online

Python Interview Questions

Swati Saxena

From $9.95
Agile Methodologies In-Depth - BPB Online

Agile Methodologies In-Depth

Sudipta Malakar

From $9.95
Hands on Go Programming - BPB Online

Hands on Go Programming

Sachchidanand Singh, Prithvipal Singh

From $9.95
Python Quick Interview Guide - BPB Online
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Python Quick Interview Guide

Shyamkant Limaye

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Image Processing Masterclass with Python - BPB Online
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RDBMS In-Depth - BPB Online

RDBMS In-Depth

Dr. Madhavi Vaidya

From $9.95
Practical Data Science with Jupyter - BPB Online

Practical Data Science with Jupyter

Prateek Gupta

From $9.95
Blockchain in e-Governance - BPB Online

Blockchain in e-Governance

Rajesh Dhuddu, Srinivas Mahankali

From $9.95
The Billion Minds - BPB Online

The Billion Minds

Siddharth Maheshwari

From $9.95
The AI Dilemma - BPB Online

The AI Dilemma

Dr. Cindy Gordon, Malay A. Upadhyay

From $9.95
Hands-on DevOps with Linux - BPB Online

Hands-on DevOps with Linux

Alisson Machado de Menezes

From $9.95
Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 Administration Guide - BPB Online
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