Serverless Computing Using Azure Functions

Varun Kumar, Ketan Agnihotri

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ISBN: 9789390684946
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Authors: Varun Kumar, Ketan Agnihotri
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: July 2021
Pages: 264
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

A complete end-to-end guide to implement Azure Functions and serverless orchestration with the help of various use cases.


  • Step-by-step guide along with code snippets and screenshots to master the topics.
  • Easy handbook to brush up the fundamental concepts and advanced topics of Serverless computing.
  • Includes real use-cases and numerous scenarios on creating Azure functions, its security, deployment, and troubleshooting them.
  • Understand how to monitor, troubleshoot, and perform advanced level diagnostics on Azure functions.


Serverless  is the current ongoing trend in the cloud industry that allows you to focus on code without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and helps in cost optimizations by providing pay for what you use. This book provides a practical mentoring with a step-by-step guide on how to create and work on Azure functions. You will be benefited with  various use cases, illustrations, and visual representation to address complex problems around serverless computing.

The book will help you to integrate Azure functions with other Azure services, seamlessly, without the need of writing much code. The book brings exclusive coverage on managing the deployment and security of the Azure functions. You will learn how to use different methods to monitor the Azure functions and how to perform correct diagnostics and troubleshooting without the use of any third-party integrations.

Towards the end of this book, you also learn to create rich dashboards and visualizations using Power BI to monitor and run analytics on Azure functions.


  • Learn to easily create Azure functions using multiple tools and options.
  • Learn to use triggers and bindings for integrating Azure functions with other Azure services.
  • Get to know how to orchestrate the serverless workflow using Azure Durable functions.
  • Learn to practice security mechanisms to secure Azure functions in the production environment.
  • Learn to build CD pipelines for deploying Azure functions using DevOps tools.


This book is for developers, DevOps engineers, technical specialists, architects  and consultants at all levels, who want to build and deploy serverless applications with Azure functions. Some prior experience with C# (for developers) and fundamental Microsoft Azure services will help you to make the most of this book. However, the book is intended for each type of cloud-specific role.

  1. Overview of Azure and Serverless Computing
  2. Introduction to Azure Functions
  3. Creating Your First Function
  4. Azure Functions Triggers and Bindings
  5. Durable Functions and Orchestration
  6. Configuring Security for Azure Functions Security
  7. Continuous Deployment for Azure Functions
  8. Troubleshooting and Monitoring Azure Functions

Varun Kumar is currently working with Microsoft as an architect helping various enterprise customers and startups in their cloud transformations, conducting technical reviews of the existing architecture, defining technology roadmaps, and architecting multi-million-dollar solutions. He has more than 12 years of experience in leading solutions delivery in .Net tech stack, Microsoft Azure and AWS. He also has vast experience in direct engagement with stakeholders at all levels, including CxOs, MDs, Business owners, Architects, SMEs, Vendors, Consultants, and Designers, etc.

He is a lifelong learner and passionate about technology. He is Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert, Microsoft Certified Trainer, and The Open Group Certified: TOGAF® 9 among others. In his career, he has contributed to multiple events as a speaker and has authored a few blogs. Within Microsoft, he is part of multiple initiatives for learning and sharing knowledge to developers in and outside Microsoft as well as students of various colleges.

In his spare time, he volunteers in helping, coaching, and mentoring young people in taking up careers in technology. He also loves to play table tennis and watch movies.

LinkedIn Profile: Varun Kumar


Ketan Agnihotri is a proud Indian working as an Azure consultant at Microsoft and loves making new professional acquaintances. He is a senior Full Stack developer having team leading experience and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE). He is a seasoned team-oriented and ambitious software engineer with a successful track record of delivering high-performance applications. He is also a speaker, blogger, and trainer working with people across the globe.

He likes to solve data structure and system programming problems and tries to learn something new every day. He has comprehensive work experience with industries like Real Estate, Travel, Automobile, Healthcare, Insurance, Media marketing, and Public sector projects. He helps people to build software, makes customers happy, and engages people with technology. He also takes social work seriously and works with NGOs.

Please reach out to talk about technology, business, cricket, yoga or India and  he'll do his best to help you.

LinkedIn Profile: Ketan Agnihotri


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