Cloud Native Microservices with Spring and Kubernetes

Rajiv Srivastava

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Authors: Rajiv Srivastava
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Publishing Date: July2021
Pages: 454
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Build and deploy scalable cloud native microservices using the Spring framework and Kubernetes.


  • Complete coverage on how to design, build, run, and deploy modern cloud native microservices.
  • Includes numerous sample code exercises on microservices, Spring and Kubernetes.
  • Develop a stronghold on Kubernetes, Spring, and the microservices architecture.
  • Complete guide of application containerization on Kubernetes containers.
  • Coverage on managing modern applications and infrastructure using observability tools.


The main objective of this book is to give an overview of cloud native microservices, their architecture, design patterns, best practices, real use cases  and practical coverage of modern applications. This book covers a strong understanding of the fundamentals of microservices, API first approach, Testing, observability, API Gateway, Service Mesh and Kubernetes alternatives of Spring Cloud. This book covers the implementation of various design patterns of developing cloud native microservices using Spring framework docker and Kubernetes libraries. It covers containerization concepts and hands-on lab exercises like how to build, run and manage microservices applications using Kubernetes. 

After reading this book, the readers will have a holistic understanding of building, running, and managing cloud native microservices applications on Kubernetes containers.


  • Learn fundamentals of microservice and design patterns.
  • Learn¬† microservices development using Spring Boot and Kubernetes.
  • Learn to develop reactive, event-driven, and batch microservices.
  • Perform end-to-end microservices testing using Cucumber.
  • Implement API gateway,authentication & authorization,load balancing, caching, rate limiting.
  • Learn observability and monitoring techniques of microservices.


This book is for the  Spring Developers, Microservice Developers, Cloud Engineers, DevOps Consultants, Technical Architect and Solution Architects, who have some familiarity with application development, Docker and Kubernetes containers.

  1. Overview of Cloud Native microservices
  2. Microservice design patterns
  3. API first approach
  4. Build microservices using the Spring Framework
  5. Batch microservices
  6. Build reactive and event-driven microservices
  7. The API gateway, security, and distributed caching with Redis 
  8. Microservices testing and API mocking
  9. Microservices observability
  10. Containers and Kubernetes overview and architecture
  11. Run microservices on Kubernetes
  12. Service Mesh  and Kubernetes alternatives of Spring Cloud 

Rajiv Srivastava is the founder of, which is a cloud native modern application tech blog site. He is a cloud solution architect and modern application specialist with 16+ years of work experience in software development and architectural design.

He is also a blogger, author, and passionate technologist. He holds strong insight into the latest stack technologies, including Cloud, on-prem, GCP, AWS, modern applications, microservices. He is an expert in enterprise architecture, application modernization, cloud migration, Kubernetes container platform, VMware Tanzu, cloud native practices, agile development, event-driven, modern databases, serverless architecture, search engine, API Gateway, Service Mesh, CI/CD, containerization and other open sources. 

He is a AWS certified Solution Architect (Associate), Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) and Sun (Oracle) Certified Java Professional (SCJP).

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