Learn iOS Application Development

Rudra S Misra

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ISBN: 9789390684755
eISBN: 9789390684809
Authors: Rudra S Misra
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: July2021
Pages: 486
Dimension: 7.50 x 9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Explore the complex app development concepts for iOS application programming with fun and ease.


  • In-depth knowledge with practical examples on how to develop professional iOS apps. 
  • Includes coverage on the entire iOS application development, right from designing the UI to application deployment.
  • Get to know more about machine learning and augmented reality, and their impact on iOS apps.


Grab this book if you want to make Apps for Apple’s iOS devices and that too efficiently like a skilled developer. This book covers the complete development of iOS applications, right from concepts of designing an application to adding machine learning capabilities in the applications.

You will learn and practice the App development environment with Xcode and Swift programming. Concepts like different types of views and UI components, data manipulations, animations, different iOS screen views, and integrating web services are covered in detail with examples. You will also learn the popular machine learning technology and fascinating features like Augmented Reality to be put into use in your app. You will learn to run automated application testing, use SwiftUI, and deploy applications on the network.


  • Build strong familiarity with the entire application development environment.
  • Revive essential coding concepts and methods of Swift and Xcode.
  • Simplify integration of iOS apps with web services, including JSON and XML decoding.
  • Learn to work with iOS ARKit and add the experience of augmented reality to applications.
  • Work with popular SwiftUI, XCTest, and a growing machine learning library, CoreML.


This book caters to mobile developers, application developers, and students who want to build sound proficiency in the entire process of iOS Application development. Knowing basic programming concepts would be good, although not mandatory.

  1. iOS App Development Environment
  2. Swift Programming Language
  3. User Interface and Data Handling
  4. Different Views in iOS Devices
  5. Image and Animation
  6. Multi-View Application and Navigation
  7. Data Persistence for iOS Devices
  8. Integration with Web Services
  9. Augmented Reality
  10. Machine Learning
  11. App Testing and Deployment
  12. SwiftUI

Rudra is an Apple Certified Trainer (ACT) in various technologies, including App Development with Swift. He holds degrees in Business Administration and Computer Applications. He started his career as a teacher followed by a software engineer.  He has played various roles from middle-level to senior-level management. He is actively involved in content creation, R&D, technical blogging, and technology awareness programs.

LinkedIn Profile: Rudra S Misra


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