PowerShell Essential Guide

Prashanth Jayaram, Rajendra Gupta

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Authors: Prashanth Jayaram, Rajendra Gupta
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Publishing Date: 7th Dec 2023
Pages: 310
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In the last decade, PowerShell has propelled in every way in the automation arena. Since the inception of PowerShell, it has become a de facto tool for automation, and it is the favorite solution of many Windows administrators, with the capability to automate almost any task in the Microsoft ecosystem. Since the advent of PowerShell, it has been a lot easier to import the related modules and invoke the associated cmdlets call to take care of many day-to-day mundane activities, from simple to complex maintenance.

Beginning with introductory chapters that cover Azure concepts, an overview of PowerShell, and other related tools, the reader will be introduced to the advanced concepts of Azure components without heavy emphasis on Cloud. This book would give an IT administrator's view of Microsoft Azure by equipping them to construct, manage, and administer workloads on-premise or in the Cloud. The later chapters are straightforward to understand and completely isolated from each section. For every section, the PowerShell code is designed, and readers with no prior experience can jump into the topics and get started with the examples.

The aim of this book is to provide the reader with hands-on experience with Azure databases, enabling them to work with what is relevant in the market today and is clearly in the future. It would be great to have hands-on experience with PowerShell; this would help you to progress faster. However, if you have experience with PowerShell, you can jump to a specific chapter or topic in the book. 


  • Understand the concepts of .NET and PowerShell.
  • Learn the basics of PowerShell, including the syntax, commands, and core concepts.
  • Learn how to work with variables in PowerShell, including how to store data, perform arithmetic operations, and display data.
  • Get familiar with the pipeline and work with the Scripts.
  • Implement PowerShell solutions to manage large infrastructures through automation.


  • Get to understand the Windows operating system as PowerShell is a cross-platform scripting language, so understand how it works on multi-platforms.
  • Learn to use PowerShell for administration, such as on the Cloud, Active Directory, VMware and SQL Server, and more.
  • Learn to administer infrastructure effectively.
  • Practice real-world examples to ensure proficiency.


PowerShell serves as a crucial framework for IT professionals. It is a top choice for automation engineers, Windows administrators, and network administrators looking to standardize, automate server installation, integrate automation workflows, and streamline day-to-day Windows network management. Cloud engineers benefit from built-in PowerShell tools provided by various cloud vendors. Database administrators effectively administer SQL infrastructure with PowerShell's SQL modules.

  1. Introducing PowerShell
  2. PowerShell Constructs
  3. Munging the Data Through Pipelines
  4. Data Control Flow Using Branches and Loops
  5. Learning about PowerShell Modules
  6. Choosing Between PowerShell Core and PowerShell
  7. PowerShell Administration and Scripting
  8. Using the Active Directory Module
  9. Building PowerShell GUI for Scripts
  10. Managing Cloud Operations Using PowerShell
  11. Understanding PowerShell and Data Science
  12. Administrating Database Using PowerShell

Prashanth Jayaram brings 18 years of experience in Product Design, Data Engineering, Automation, and Data Science. He excels in crafting robust solutions and extracting insights from data across the fields of data engineering and science.

He is passionate about sharing knowledge and have written extensively on a wide range of topics. He has authored and published over 500 articles, covering areas such as SQL, NoSQL, PowerShell, Python, SQL on Linux, SQL on Azure, SQL on AWS, MongoDB, Graph Database, Ansible, and Azure DevOps.

The core of his professional journey revolves around the design and implementation of innovative database solutions. He had the privilege of immersing himself in cutting-edge Next-Gen database technologies, continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the database domain.

His unwavering commitment to the SQL Server community has not gone unnoticed. He has been honored with prestigious awards, including the “ABOVE and BEYOND”recognition, underlining his exceptional contributions. In 2018, he was bestowed with the distinguished title of “Best SQL Author,” a testament to his impact on the SQL Server world.

His contributions extend beyond articles to the realm of book authorship. His books are comprehensive resources for those seeking knowledge and expertise in these domains.

Rajendra Gupta is a distinguished Technical Architect and Database Consultant, boasting an impressive 17-year track record of immersive involvement in the realm of database technologies. With a remarkable accolade to his name, Rajendra has clinched the esteemed Best Author of the Year award from SQLShack not once, but thrice consecutively.

An authoritative figure in the field, Rajendra has authored an extensive collection of over 600+ articles on SQLSHACK, MSSQLTIPS, QUEST, DZONE, and CodingSight that span across the expansive domains of SQL Server, Azure, MySQL, Linux, Power BI, Performance Tuning, AWS/Amazon RDS, Git, and various related technologies. His insightful compositions have garnered an impressive readership, with over 15 million avid readers engaging with his content to date.

He has authored an extensive body of work, comprising more than 600 articles published on well-regarded platforms such as SQLSHACK, MSSQLTIPS, QUEST, DZONE, and CodingSight.

These articles cover a wide array of subjects, including SQL Server, Azure, MySQL, Linux, Power BI, Performance Tuning, AWS/Amazon RDS, Git, and various other related technologies.

He has consistently demonstrated his expertise by receiving the prestigious Best Author of the Year award from SQLShack for three consecutive years, reflecting his exceptional contributions to the industry.

His comprehensive knowledge and insightful writings have not only benefited professionals in the field but have also earned a substantial and ever-growing readership. His contributions extend beyond articles to the realm of book authorship.

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