Mastering MLOps Architecture: From Code to Deployment

Raman Jhajj

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ISBN: 9789355519498
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Authors: Raman Jhajj
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Publishing Date: 12th Dec 2023
Pages: 226
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Book Type: Paperback

MLOps, a combination of DevOps, data engineering, and machine learning, is crucial for delivering high-quality machine learning results due to the dynamic nature of machine learning data. This book delves into MLOps, covering its core concepts, components, and architecture, demonstrating how MLOps fosters robust and continuously improving machine learning systems.

By covering the end-to-end machine learning pipeline from data to deployment, the book helps readers implement MLOps workflows. It discusses techniques like feature engineering, model development, A/B testing, and canary deployments. The book equips readers with knowledge of MLOps tools and infrastructure for tasks like model tracking, model governance, metadata management, and pipeline orchestration. Monitoring and maintenance processes to detect model degradation are covered in depth. Readers can gain skills to build efficient CI/CD pipelines, deploy models faster, and make their ML systems more reliable, robust and production-ready.

Overall, the book is an indispensable guide to MLOps and its applications for delivering business value through continuous machine learning and AI.


  • Comprehensive coverage of MLOps concepts, architecture, tools and techniques.
  • Practical focus on building end-to-end ML Systems for Continual Learning with MLOps.
  • Actionable insights on CI/CD, monitoring, continual model training and automated retraining.


  • Architect robust MLOps infrastructure with components like feature stores.
  • Leverage MLOps tools like model registries, metadata stores, pipelines.
  • Build CI/CD workflows to deploy models faster and continually.
  • Monitor and maintain models in production to detect degradation.
  • Create automated workflows for retraining and updating models in production.


Machine learning specialists, data scientists, DevOps professionals, software development teams, and all those who want to adopt the DevOps approach in their agile machine learning experiments and applications. Prior knowledge of machine learning and Python programming is desired.

  1. Getting Started with MLOps
  2. MLOps Architecture and Components
  3. MLOps Infrastructure and Tools
  4. What are Machine Learning Systems?
  5. Data Preparation and Model Development
  6. Model Deployment and Serving
  7. Continuous Delivery of Machine Learning Models
  8. Continual Learning
  9. Continuous Monitoring, Logging, and Maintenance

Raman Jhajj is a passionate leader in the data and software engineering space with experience building high-performing teams and leading organizations to become datadriven. He has experience in leading the development of SaaS applications, modern data platforms and MLOps infrastructure. He brings technical expertise across the data stack including AWS, Python, Django, Java, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Docker, CI/ CD, SQL, NoSQL, and more. 

Raman holds a master’s degree in applied computer science from Georg-August University, Germany as well as a bachelor’s in computer science from ICFAI University, India. After living in India, Germany, Austria, and Malta, he now calls Canada home. 

Over the course of his career, Raman has driven key initiatives around modernizing data infrastructure, establishing data engineering capabilities, and building MLOps platforms. 

Raman thrives on bringing cross-functional teams together to ensure alignment between technology and business goals. He has a proven track record of mentoring engineers and nurturing their potential. 

When he is not working, you can often find him reading, writing, or exploring new places and cultures. He is passionate about using technology for social good, driven by a mission to leverage data engineering and AI for positive change.

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