Machine Learning with Python

Abhishek Vijayvargia

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ISBN: 9789386551931
eISBN: 9789387284883
Authors: Abhishek Vijayvargia
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: April 2018
Pages: 267
Book Type: Paperback

This book provides concept of machine learning with mathematical explanation and programming examples. Every chapter starts with fundamentals of the technique and working example on real world dataset. Along with the advice on applying algorithms, each technique is provided with advantages and disadvantages on the data.

In this book we provide code examples in python. Python is the most suitable and worldwide accepted language for this. First, it is free and open source. It contains very good support from open community. It contains a lot of library, so you don’t need to code everything. Also, it is scalable for large amount of data and suitable for big data technologies.


Develop and Implement your own Machine Learning Models to solve real world problems


  • Introduction to Machine Learning, Python and Jupyter
  • Learn about Feature Engineering and Data Visualization using real world data sets
  • Learn various regression and classification techniques
  • Deep Learning and Neural network concepts and practical covered
  • Text Analysis, Recommendation engines and Time Series Analysis
  • Jupyter notebook scripts are provided with dataset used to test and try the algorithms 


Building machine learning model which is used in industries to solve data related problems.


This book is helpful for all types of readers. Either you want to start in machine learning or want to learn the concepts more or practice with the code, it provides everything. We recommend users to learn the concept and practice it using sample code to get full of this book.

  1. Understanding Python
  2. Feature Engineering
  3. Data Visualisation
  4. Basic and Advance Regression techniques
  5. Classification
  6. Un Supervised Learning
  7. Text Analysis
  8. Neural Network and Deep Learning
  9. Recommendation System
  10. Time Series Analysis

Abhishek Vijayvargia is a Data Scientist. He worked in IT industry and helped in solving real time problems related to data science and Machine Learning. He worked on analytics problems related to transportation, government process, manufacturing, oil and gas, IoT, pharmaceuticals, shipping. He has completed his Masters from Indian Institute of Technology(IIT), Kanpur in Artificial Intelligence. His research interests are distributed Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Stream Processing and Blockchain.  He worked as mentor for various machine learning projects and trained others in Algorithm, Competitive Programming and Data Science. 

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