DBA Essentials for 21c

Divit Gupta

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ISBN: 9789355516299
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Authors: Divit Gupta
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Edition: 2024
Pages: 288
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Book Type: Paperback

Oracle Database 21c is the engine driving some of the most critical systems on the planet. "DBA Essentials for 21c," equips you with the essential knowledge and skills to confidently manage and optimize your Oracle Database in the cloud. This book breaks down Oracle Database Setup Wizard, Configuration Assistant, and steps for creating and configuring databases.

In the first section, you will learn the basics of 21c, understand its Infrastructure, use its advantages, and learn its role in the modern data landscape. As you progress, you will gain knowledge of tools like Setup Wizard and Configuration Assistant to build powerful database structures and optimize performance. Then advanced topics are covered, where you will discover how to secure your data, troubleshoot common issues, and automate tasks for efficiency with practical tips and best practices.

After reading this book, you will be highly competent in Oracle Database 21c installation on OCI Compute. You will grasp the fundamental concepts and sophisticated features to deploy databases in a cloud environment.


  • Comprehend Oracle Database 21c installation, essential concepts, and advanced features.
  • Focus on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Compute, to deploy databases in a cloud environment.
  • Practical tips and best practices to optimize performance and troubleshoot effectively.


  • Grasp the fundamental concepts of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of prerequisites for a seamless installation.
  • Successfully install Oracle Database 21c in different environments.
  • Proficiently use DBCA for creating and configuring databases.
  • Learn to create container databases in both typical and advanced modes.
  • Implement best practices for optimal OCI Compute deployment.


This book is designed for aspiring database administrators, system administrators, IT professionals, developers, and technology enthusiasts, curious about the inner workings of this powerful data management system.

  1. Introduction to Oracle Database 21c
  2. Introduction to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  3. OCI Essentials and Key Features
  4. OCI Compute Basics
  5. Oracle Database Setup Wizard
  6. Oracle Database Configuration Assistant
  7. Oracle Database 21c Installation: Part 1
  8. Oracle Database 21c Installation: Part 2
  9. Create Container Database

Divit Gupta is working as Principal Architect at Oracle Corp USA and aspires to transform the landscape of Cloud Computing, AI, and Data Science by guiding a fresh cohort of professionals. As a Sr. Member of IEEE, his objective is to equip over a million individuals worldwide with advanced expertise in analytics, machine learning, and AI within the next five years, thus raising the global benchmark for tech proficiency. In alignment with the insights of influential thinkers, Divit contends that true accomplishment extends beyond personal success, emphasizing the importance of uplifting others and actively contributing to their pursuit of excellence. His overarching mission is to shape a future in the tech realm that is both skilled and inclusive.

As an accomplished IT professional with a career spanning over two decades, he is widely recognized as a prominent speaker and thought leader in the realm of emerging technologies. Hosting popular podcasts like “Tech Talk with Divit,” “Live Labs with Divit,” and “Cloud Bites with Divit,” he provides a platform to showcase technological initiatives and leadership. With roles including Oracle TV’s correspondent for Cloud World and a recognized expert, Divit presented on Oracle Database technology at Oracle Cloud World FY 2023.

Beyond his podcast endeavors, Divit is deeply passionate about knowledge-sharing, evident in his participation in international conference talks, technical blogs, Whitepapers, and the authorship of multiple books on emerging technologies. His expertise has gained visibility in leading newspapers and technology magazines worldwide. As a highly skilled technologist, Divit holds professional certifications from Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, Databricks, and has earned a post-graduate certificate from Harvard Business School Online.

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