Data Analytics with Google Cloud Platform

Murari Ramuka

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Authors: Murari Ramuka
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Publishing Date: December 2019
Pages: 270
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Modern businesses are awash with data, making data-driven decision-making tasks increasingly complex. As a result, relevant technical expertise and analytical skills are required to do such tasks. This book aims to equip you with enough knowledge of Cloud Computing in conjunction with Google Cloud Data platform to succeed in the role of a Cloud data expert.

The current market is trending towards the latest cloud technologies, which is the need of the hour. Google is the pioneer, is dominating this space with the right set of cloud services being offered as part of GCP (Google Cloud Platform). At this juncture, this book will be very vital and will cover all the services that are being offered by GCP, putting emphasis on Data services.

This book starts with a sophisticated knowledge of Cloud Computing. It also explains different types of data services/technology and machine learning algorithm/Pre-Trained API through real-business problems, which are built on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). With some of the latest business examples and hands-on guides, this book will enable the developers to enter the data analytics fields to implement an end-to-end data pipeline, using GCP Data services. Through the course of the book, you will come across multiple industry-wise use cases, like Building Datawarehouse using Big Query, a sample real-time data analytics solution on machine learning and Artificial Intelligence that helped with the business decision, by employing a variety of data science approaches on Google Cloud environment. Whether your business is at the early stage of cloud implementation in its journey or well on its way to digital transformation, Google Cloud's solutions and technologies will always help chart a path to success. This book can be used to develop the GCP concepts in an easy way. It contains many examples showcasing the implementation of a GCP service. It enables the learning of the basic and advanced concepts of the Google Cloud Data Platform. This book is divided into 7 chapters and provides a detailed description of the core concepts of each of the Data services offered by Google Cloud.

A step-by-step guide to different data movement and processing techniques, using Google Cloud Platform Services

Key Features
  • Learn the basic concept of Cloud Computing along with different Cloud service provides with their supported Models (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS)
  • Learn the basics of Compute Engine, App Engine, Container Engine, Project and Billing setup in the Google Cloud Platform
  • Learn how and when to use Cloud DataFlow, Cloud DataProc, and Cloud DataPrep
  • Build a real-time data pipeline to support real-time analytics using Pub/Sub messaging service
  • Setting up a fully managed GCP Big Data Cluster using Cloud DataProc for running Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop clusters in a simpler, more cost-efficient manner
  • Learn how to use Cloud Data Studio for visualizing the data on top of Big Query
  • Implement and understand real-world business scenarios for Machine Learning, Data Pipeline Engineering

What Will You Learn
By the end of the book, you will have come across different data services and platforms offered by Google Cloud, and how those services/features can be enabled to serve business needs. You will also see a few case studies to put your knowledge to practice and solve business problems such as building a real-time streaming pipeline engine, Scalable Data Warehouse on Cloud, fully managed Hadoop cluster on Cloud and enabling TensorFlow/Machine Learning API’s to support real-life business problems. Remember to practice additional examples to master these techniques.

Who this book is for
This book is for professionals as well as graduates who want to build a career in Google Cloud data analytics technologies. While no prior knowledge of Cloud Computing or related technologies is assumed, it will be helpful to have some data background and experience. One-stop-shop for those who wish to get an initiative to advance understanding of the GCP data platform. The target audience will be data engineers/professionals who are new, as well as those who are acquainted with the tools and techniques related to cloud and data space.
● Individuals who have basic data understanding (i.e. Data and cloud) and have done some work in the field of data analytics, can refer/use this book to master their knowledge/understanding.
● The highlight of this book is that it will start with the basic cloud computing fundamentals and will move on to cover the advanced concepts on GCP cloud data analytics and hence can be referred across multiple different levels of audiences.
  1. GCP Overview and Architecture
  2. Data Storage in GCP 
  3. Data Processing in GCP with Pub/Sub and Dataflow 
  4. Data Processing in GCP with DataPrep and Dataflow
  5. Big Query and Data Studio
  6. Machine Learning with GCP
  7. Sample Use cases and Examples
Murari Ramuka is a seasoned Data Analytics professional with 12+ years of experience in enabling data analytics platforms using traditional DW/BI and Cloud Technologies (Azure, Google Cloud Platform) to uncover hidden insights and maximize revenue, profitability and ensure efficient operations management. He has worked with several multinational IT giants like Capgemini, Cognizant, Syntel, and Icertis. He is a self-motivated and committed data enthusiast, with expertise in the banking and healthcare domain. He has worked with various customers across the world. He has helped them in setting up their end-to-end Data platform, which enabled them to progress to the next level of analytics, which includes Real-time Analytics, recommendation engine, and sentiment analytics, with his expertise in data analytics, especially the cloud platform. His interest lies in Cloud data analytics, machine learning, and applications of natural language processing in various industry sectors. In his leisure time, he enjoys reading about the latest trends in data space and sharing knowledge about the same through his LinkedIn page. He believes in sharing and spreading knowledge and has conducted several meet-ups and technical events across India in the past. He is also part of the AIM Mentor of Change program, a Govt of India Initiative by Niti Ayog.

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