Cyber Forensics Up and Running

Tarun Vashishth

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ISBN: 9789355517180
eISBN: 9789355519122
Authors: Tarun Vashishth
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: 12th Dec 2023
Pages: 414
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Digital forensics is the art and science of extracting the hidden truth and this book is your hands-on companion, bringing the world of digital forensics to life. 

Starting with the core principles of digital forensics, the book explores the significance of various case types, the interconnectedness of the field with cybersecurity, and the ever-expanding digital world's challenges. As you progress, you will explore data acquisition, image formats, digital evidence preservation, file carving, metadata extraction, and the practical use of essential forensic tools like HxD, The Sleuth Kit, Autopsy, Volatility, and PowerForensics. The book offers step-by-step instructions, real-world case studies, and practical examples, ensuring that beginners can confidently set up and use forensic tools. Experienced professionals, on the other hand, will find advanced insights into memory analysis, network forensics, anti-forensic techniques, and more.

This book empowers you to become a digital detective, capable of uncovering data secrets, investigating networks, exploring volatile and non-volatile evidence, and understanding the intricacies of modern browsers and emails.


  • Comprehensive coverage of all digital forensics concepts.
  • Real-world case studies and examples to illustrate techniques.
  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up and using essential forensic tools.
  • In-depth exploration of volatile and non-volatile data analysis.


  • Learn how to set up and use digital forensic tools, including virtual environments. 
  • Learn about live forensics, incident response, and timeline examination.
  • In-depth exploration of Windows Registry and USBs.
  • Network forensics, PCAPs, and malware scenarios.
  • Memory forensics, malware detection, and file carving.
  • Advance tools like PowerForensics and Autopsy.


Whether you are a tech-savvy detective, a curious student, or a seasoned cybersecurity pro seeking to amplify your skillset. Network admins, law enforcement officers, incident responders, aspiring analysts, and even legal professionals will find invaluable tools and techniques within these pages.

  1. Introduction to Essential Concepts of Digital Forensics
  2. Digital Forensics Lab Setup
  3. Data Collection: Volatile and Non-Volatile
  4. Forensics Analysis: Live Response
  5. File System and Log Analysis
  6. Windows Registry and Artifacts
  7. Network Data Collection and Analysis
  8. Memory Forensics: Techniques and Tools
  9. Browser and Email Forensics
  10. Advanced Forensics Tools, Commands and Methods
  11. Anti-Digital Forensics Techniques and Methods

Tarun Vashishth, a seasoned professional in the field of cybersecurity, brings a wealth of hands-on experience and knowledge to his latest endeavor, Cyber Forensics Up and Running. With an extensive career spanning renowned organizations such as McKinsey & Company, IAC, and Philips Electronics NA, Tarun has played pivotal roles in setting up enterprise security operations centers, has led incident response, and threat hunt teams, oversaw security engineering, set up and led automation teams in cyber security. 

His professional journey is marked by achievements that include leading the engineering team as product manager to build and deliver a custom threat intel platform and SIEM, reporting bugs in a well-renowned EDR solution and in a phishing simulation platform, and leading the implementation of the custom incident case management system. 

Tarun’s relentless pursuit of learning cyber security started in 2011 by acquiring the knowledge and certificate of Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and then getting a master’s degree in computer/cyber forensics and counters. He is also a recipient of the Sourcefire (now part of Cisco) student scholarship. He has acquired a couple of certificates and training from SANS, EC-Council, AWS, Microsoft, Splunk, CarbonBlack(now part of VMware), Agile Foundation, and Carnegie Mellon University.

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