Developing Cloud Native Applications in Azure using .NET Core

Rekha Kodali, Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara, Sankara Narayanan Govindarajulu

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ISBN: 9789389328745
eISBN: 9789389328752
Authors: Rekha Kodali, Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara, Sankara Narayanan Govindarajulu
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: January 2020
Pages: 322
Book Type: Paperback

The mainstreaming of the cloud-native architecture as an enterprise discipline is well underway. According to the Forbes report, in January 2018, 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by 2020, 41% of enterprise workloads will run on public cloud platforms while another 22% will be running on hybrid cloud platforms.
Customers are embarking on enterprise digital transformation journeys. Adopting cloud, cloud-native architectures, and microservices is an important aspect of the journey.
This book starts with a brief introduction to the basics of cloud-native applications and cloud-native application patterns. It covers cloud-native options available in Azure.
The objective of the book is to provide practical guidelines to an architect/designer/consultant/developer who is part of the Cloud application definition team. The book articulates a methodology that the implementation team needs to follow in a systematic manner and adapt them to fulfill the requirements for enabling the cloud-native application. It emphasizes on the interpersonal skills and techniques for organizing and directing the cloud-native definition, leadership buy-in, and leading the transition from planning to implementation. It also highlights steps to be followed and the patterns for developing cloud-native applications, cloud-native options available in Azure, developing BOT, and microservices based on Azure. It also covers how to develop simple IoT applications, Machine learning-based applications, and the serverless architecture using Azure with a practical and pragmatic approach.
This book embraces a structured approach around the following key themes that represent the typical phases an enterprise traverses during its cloud-native application journey.

Guide to designing and developing cloud native applications in Azure

Key Features

  • Basics of Cloud Native Applications
  • Designing Microservices
  • Different cloud native options for developing Cloud Native Applications in Azure
  • BOTs, Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Azure Functions
  • Azure IOT Applications
  • Azure Machine Learning Basics
  • Enterprise Digital Journeys

What will you learn

  • Demonstrate the importance of cloud-native applications in elevating the effectiveness of organizational transformation programs and digital enterprise journeys using MS Azure.
  • Disseminate current advancements and thought leadership in the area of cloud-native architecture in the context of digital enterprises.
  • Provide initiatives with evidence-based, credible, field-tested and practical guidance in designing their respective architectures.

Who this book is for
The book is intended for anyone looking for a career in Cloud technology, especially all aspiring Cloud Architects who want to learn cloud-native architectures, Microservices, IoT, BOT and Microsoft Azure platform.

  1. Basics of Cloud-Native Applications
  2. Cloud-Native Application Patterns
  3. Cloud-Native Options available in Azure – BOTs, Logic Apps, Service Bus, Azure Microservices, ML services
  4. Developing a Simple BOT using .NET Core
  5. Developing Cloud-Native applications leveraging Microservices  and Azure API Gateway
  6. Developing Integration capabilities using serverless architecture
  7. Developing a simple IoT application
  8. Developing a simple ML-based application
  9. Different enterprise use cases which enable digital transformation using Cloud-Native Applications
Rekha Kodali
Rekha Kodali is a Principal Architect, CTO at MAS Microsoft Practice, Solution Design and Strategy Head for MS Practice in Wipro with more than 20 years of experience in Microsoft Technologies. Her focus areas include Enterprise Architecture, Cloud, Presales, Digital, Azure, .Net, ASP.NET, Microservices, API Management, BizTalk Server, Web Services, SharePoint, Office 365, SQL Server and SOA. In her current role, she helps customers adopt cloud journeys and help them in their transformation journeys. She is TOGAF 9 Certified Architect, IASA certified Foundation Architect, and Azure AI certified and has several other industry-standard certifications.
Published multiple research papers.

Dr. Gopala Krishna Behara
Dr.Gopala Krishna Behara is a Distinguished Member and Lead Enterprise Architect in Wipro Technologies with 23+ years of extensive experience in the ICT industry. He serves as an Advisory Architect, Mentor on Digital Architecture, Cloud Migration, Cloud Native Architecture, Application Portfolio Rationalization, and Architecture Assurance initiatives, and continues to work as a Subject Matter Expert and Author. He has worked on multiple architecture transformation engagements for the customers across the globe that presented a phased roadmap to the transformation that maximized the business value while minimizing costs and risks. Published multiple research Papers and a number of books in SOA, BPM, Next-Generation Technologies & e-Governance space. He has been a speaker at national and international forums and bodies like The Open Group, National e-Governance Forum. He has been a moderator and panel member for multiple technical/business forums like IGI Global, AEA, Open Group and Premium College meets. Recipient of EA Hall of Fame International Award - Individual Leadership in EA Practice, Promotion and Professionalisation Award, 13th Annual Enterprise Architecture Conference, Washington, DC, USA - 2015.
Sankara Narayanan Govindarajulu
Sankara is a Solution Architect at Microsoft, working with partners and customers on their digital transformation journey. Through his career spanning 20 years, Sankara has utilized his profound experience, along with his passion, in compelling ways to help customers in strategic decision making, project management, architecture, design, and development of enterprise and customer solutions with emphasis on availability, performance, security, business continuity, cloud migration and transformation using various platforms and technologies. Sankara is TOGAF certified and has certifications in Azure Migration, Architecture, Development and Security. He has published a few journals and has also presented in internal technical conferences on multiple occasions.

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