Dr. Prabhat Kumar

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ISBN: 9789388511070
Authors: Dr. Prab
hat Kumar
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Publishing Date: January 2019
Pages: 298 
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Reshaping Life and Business ……..Technology, Management, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Network, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Drones, Finance, Healthcare, HR Management, Fashion, E-commerce, Social Media, Communication, Agriculture, Law and Ethics 


Our world of personal life and work is set to change dramatically over the next decade as Artificial Intelligence (AI) strikes deeper roots with new products and services; robots take charge of manufacturing and warehouses, and drones reach the remote comes to deliver orders to customers. AI services and robots will particularly facilitate the life of the older people and the visually-impaired. AI has raised the bar of competition in the international marketplace and countries are busy implementing policies that will keep them ahead in the race of the next-generational change. AI will raise the productivity of the economy and provide a lot more convenience, though there is bound to be short-term pain in the transformational process. 

 This book explains the concepts of AI with lots of real-life examples. While the big tech companies like Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft (3AFIM) of the US and Alibaba, Baidu,, Tencent (JT) of China are busily re-fashioning their businesses by integrating AI into all products and services they deliver,  startups, on the other hand, are disrupting the traditional business models in finance, e-commerce, healthcare, HR management, fashion, law, and even agriculture. AI-driven smart cities would provide a richer quality of living to their residents. This book also provides an insight into various social and ethical issues, such as the monopoly of the big tech, ownership of data, personal privacy, job losses and autonomy of technology particularly in military warfare, which poses an existential threat to mankind. The future of AI is also discussed taking a 360-degree approach.

AI offers a huge economic opportunity, but a thoughtful approach for the democratization of technology is required to provide benefits to all sections of society. Nations and communities need to come together to evolve models that will be sustainable in the long run.

Chapter 1: Artificial Intelligence, How it is transforming Life and Business 

Chapter 2: Understanding Artificial Intelligence and Associated Technologies 

Chapter 3: AI in the ‘bull’ run

Chapter 4: Data, the Engine of Artificial Intelligence

Chapter 5: Big tech bets big on Artificial Intelligence 

Chapter 6: AI Startups that transformed Businesses

Chapter 7: AI Startups in Finance 

Chapter 8: AI Startups in Healthcare

Chapter 9: AI Startups in Human Resource 

Chapter 10: AI Startups in Fashion, Law, Agriculture and Other Areas

Chapter 11: Ethical, Social and Political Issues in AI

Chapter 12: Future of Artificial Intelligence 

Chapter 13: Conclusion

Prabhat Kumar is an adjunct faculty at IIT Delhi, a practicing lawyer, and a corporate consultant. He specializes in artificial intelligence, digital technologies, management, and law. He did his B.Tech, M.Tech (Systems and Management) and Ph.D. from IIT Delhi. He also did LL.B from Delhi University and LL.M. from Singapore. He attended an MBA program in High Technology Management at a Business School in France. 

 He has more than 75 publications in leading newspapers and journals including The Economic TimesBusiness Standard, The Hindu-Business Line, HTTech4U and Gift Journal on diverse topics relating to technology, cyberlaw, intellectual property law, trade, and foreign investment, etc. He has been a speaker at many conferences in India and abroad. 

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