The Ultimate Power Query Cookbook for Power BI and Excel

Dominick Raimato

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ISBN: 9789355517395
eISBN: 9789355517258
Authors: Dominick Raimato
Rights: Worldwide
Edition: 2024
Pages: 398
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

“The Ultimate Power Query Cookbook for Power BI and Excel” serves up easy-to-follow recipes that transform data into meaningful insights. You will learn to clean messy files, combine datasets, and even use AI magic to Power BI and Excel.

This book will walk you through the basics of getting connected to data with Power Query. You will understand how to ingest data from files, folders, databases, websites, APIs, and other third party sources. Once connected, you will learn how to transform the data so it is ready for your use. We will clean up columns, filter, replace, extract, and classify data in Power Query to meet your needs. The book offers over 100 practical recipes, ensuring you understand each step with clear explanations and examples. Lastly, we will go over advanced techniques to help optimize and simplify your transformations allowing fast refreshes all while helping you manage them in the future.

This book will help you know how to apply these techniques and recipes to your data all while understanding the implications of making certain decisions. This will enable you to have better conversations with other data professionals who are providing data for your use.


  • Practical approaches to cleansing, connecting and transforming data in Power Query.
  • Real-life examples that readers can apply to their own work.
  • Master Power Query for Excel and Power BI with step-by-step recipes.


  • Learn to connect to files, databases, and third-party services.
  • Manage data types and formats to optimize storage.
  • Transform, create, and manipulate queries.
  • Combine, merge, filter, and cleanse queries.
  • Integrate artificial intelligence to accelerate insights.
  • Perform complex and scalable transformations.


Novice or expert, this book is designed for all Excel users, data analysts, Power BI power users, business professionals and data enthusiasts to get the most out of your data solutions when transforming your data in Power Query.

  1. Introduction to Power Query
  2. Connect to File-Based Data Sources
  3. Connect to Web-Based Data Sources
  4. Connect to Database Sources
  5. Connect to Third-Party Data Sources
  6. Managing Data Types
  7. Transforming Columns
  8. Cleansing Columns
  9. Creating New Columns
  10. Combining and Manipulating Queries
  11. Using Python, R, and AI
  12. Indexing
  13. Parameters
  14. Functions
  15. Advanced Web Connections
  16. Manipulating Supporting Queries

Self-identified as a data nerd, Dominick Raimato has had a huge passion for identifying insights and building solutions. You never know what kind of data projects he might be working on such as tracking temperature and humidity trends in his house to building adatabase of property assessments to make sure his house is in line with other properties to avoid overpaying taxes. Passionate about people, Dominick strives to create solutions that not just help achieve business objectives, but also make people’s lives better. If he can help someone get home earlier to eat dinner with their family or eliminate time consuming tasks so they can focus on more important things, he is in his element.

Dominick currently lives in Bergen County, NJ where he can be found around the house working on projects or cooking in the kitchen. His specialty dishes include his homemade meat sauce in the winter and pulled pork bar-b-que on his smoker during the summer. He also ventures into New York City frequently to see his wife perform as a flutist with small ensembles, orchestras, and theaters.

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