The Potential of Generative AI

Divit Gupta, Anushree Srivastava

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ISBN: 9789355516725
eISBN: 9789355519160
Authors: Divit Gupta, Anushree Srivastava
Rights: Worldwide
Edition: 2023
Pages: 332
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

The Potential of Generative AI invites you for a captivating journey into the revolutionary technology, where machines become co-creators and the line between imagination and reality blurs. You will learn how AI helps doctors, engineers, and scientists solve real-world problems.

Next, you will explore use cases where ChatGPT can boost productivity and enhance creativity. The book explores the journey from the origins of this revolutionary technology to its cutting-edge applications. Discover how generative models like GANs and VAEs work, and familiarize yourself with the impact they are making in fields like healthcare, finance, and art. Through real-world case studies and engaging examples, you will witness AI generating life-saving drugs, composing music, and even designing innovative products.

This book explores the cutting-edge capabilities and potential of generative AI in the tech landscape. It will help you discover how generative AI can unlock new opportunities and enhance business operations.


  • Holistic and accessible journey into Generative AI.
  • Indispensable guide for unleashing Generative AI potential.
  • Transforming technology, business, art, and innovation, covering technological advancements and business optimization.


  • Learn about the different types of generative models, how they work, and their impact across various industries including healthcare, finance, and entertainment. 
  • Explore the creative potential of generative AI in art, music, and design.
  • Develop Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), with a focus on their architecture, training process, and real-world applications. 
  • Build and deploy generative models, ensuring readers to leverage this powerful technology.
  • Perfect the art of generating text, images, music, and even code with AI, utilize your creative potential.


This book is for artists, programmers, musicians, designers, writers, researchers, entrepreneurs, scientists, Machine Learning practitioners and dreamers of all sorts. Generative AI awaits and is ready to transform your craft and empower your vision.

  1. Introduction to Generative AI
  2. Generative AI in Industries
  3. Fundamentals of Generative Models
  4. Applications Across Industries
  5. Creative Expression with Generative AI
  6. Generative AI in Business and Innovation
  7. Deep Dive into GANs
  8. Building and Deploying Generative Models

Divit Gupta is a highly accomplished seasoned IT professional with about 20 years of industry experience focusing on strategic architecture-driven initiatives and providing active leadership in multi-pillar sales cycles. He has also led global technical partnerships, set his team's vision & execution model, and nurtured multiple new strategic initiatives. 

Divit is the host of podcast shows Tech Talk with Divit and Live Labs with Divit, Oracle shows that highlight technology initiatives and leadership at Oracle. He was the Oracle TV cloud world correspondent for the year 2022-23. 

At Oracle cloud world 2022-23 Divit interviewed executives/Oracle customers and partners from the C level suite and was streamed live on Oracle TV. This included the executives such as Accenture CTO, Paul Daugherty, Accenture Global CTO Andrea Cesarini, GE CFO, DISH TV VP and more. 

He has a true passion for sharing knowledge which has motivated him to give international conference talks, write technical blogs, and publish books on emerging technologies.

Divit has presented on Oracle Database technology at the Oracle Cloud world (Official Oracle event attended by 15K professionals) in 2023.

Anushree Srivastava is a seasoned Data and Analytics Architect with over 15 years of experience driving data-driven solutions across diverse industries. She has been leading Generative AI initiatives and enablements at her current role at Google. From the dynamic realm of digital advertising to the intricate infrastructure of finance and healthcare, Anushree has consistently delivered impactful results. 

She has a proven track record in modernizing data platforms, seamlessly integrating disparate data sources, and leveraging cloud analytics to empower informed decisionmaking. 

Her experience transcends technical expertise. She is a seasoned Data and Analytics Leader, adept at leading and delivering complex projects on time and within budget. Her experience with Agile methodologies allows her to adapt to changing requirements and deliver solutions that meet evolving business needs.

She is passionate about using data to solve real-world problems and improve business outcomes. Her strong interpersonal and communication skills enable her to effectively collaborate with both technical and non-technical stakeholders, bridging the gap between data insights and actionable business strategies. 

She is a strong advocate for the transformative power of data. She is committed to building high-performing data teams and fostering a culture of data-driven thinking within organizations. Her passion for using data to unlock new opportunities, enhance decision-making, and drive positive change is a cornerstone of her professional journey.

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