Microsoft Intune Administration

Manish Bangia

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ISBN: 9789355519696
eISBN: 9789355519702
Authors: Manish Bangia
Rights: Worldwide
Edition: 2024
Pages: 349
Dimension: 7.5*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

This book is outlined in a way that will help the readers learn the concepts of Microsoft Intune from scratch, covering the basic terminologies used. It aims to start your Intune journey in the most efficient way to build your career and help you upscale existing skills. 

It not only covers the best practices of Microsoft Intune but also co-management and migration strategy for Configuration Manager. Readers will understand the workload feature of SCCM and learn how to create a strategy to move the workload steadily. The book includes all practical examples of deploying applications, updates, and policies, and a comparison of the same with on-premises solutions including SCCM/WSUS/Group Policy, etc. Troubleshooting aspects of Intune-related issues are also covered.

The readers will be able to implement effective solutions to their organization the right way after reading the book. They will become confident with device management and further expand their career into multiple streams based upon the solid foundation.


  • Understanding the basics and setting up environment for Microsoft Intune.
  • Optimizing device performance with Endpoint analytics.
  • Deploying applications, updates, policies, etc., using Intune.


  • Microsoft Intune basics and terminologies.
  • Setting up Microsoft Intune and integration with on-premises infrastructure.
  • Device migration strategy to move away from on-premises to cloud solution.
  • Device configuration policies and settings.
  • Windows Autopilot configuration, provisioning, and deployment.
  • Reporting and troubleshooting for Intune-related tasks.


This book targets IT professionals, particularly those managing devices, including system administrators, cloud architects, and security specialists, looking to leverage Microsoft Intune for cloud-based or hybrid device management.

  1. Introduction to the Course
  2. Fundamentals of Microsoft Intune
  3. Setting up and Configuring Intune
  4. Device Enrollment Method
  5. Preparing Infrastructure for On-premises Infra with SCCM
  6. Co-management: Migration From SCCM to Intune
  7. Explore Device Management Features
  8. Configure Windows Update for Business
  9. Application Management
  10. Configure Policies and Settings
  11. Windows Autopilot
  12. Device Management and Protection
  13. Securing Device
  14. Reporting and Monitoring
  15. Endpoint Analytics
  16. Microsoft Intune Suite and Advance Settings
  17. Troubleshooting

Manish Bangia has 20+ years of experience in IT professional. He has expertise in various technologies such as Intune, Configuration Manager and other technologies related to Windows Device Management. Based on all his contributions to technical communities worldwide, he has been awarded by Microsoft as Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He is an avid blogger and Youtuber who writes blogs and publishes videos related to technology.

He has a passion for making the content easy to understand. His content has been liked by many people. He loves to explore the technology to understand behind the scenes and sharing the information to the community through various channels such as blogs, videos, LinkedIn/Facebook groups.

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