Mastering Data Visualization with Tableau

Dr. Arpana Chaturvedi, Prof. Praveen Malik

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ISBN: 9789355517524
eISBN: 9789355517753
Authors: Dr. Arpana Chaturvedi, Prof. Praveen Malik
Rights: Worldwide
Edition: 2024
Pages: 488
Dimension: 8.5*11 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

"Mastering Data Visualization with Tableau” is an invaluable book that will help you become more knowledgeable and elevate your understanding and skills in data visualization using Tableau which is one of the leading tools in the industry. This comprehensive resource covers the basics of visual analytics, explaining both the theory and practical ways to turn raw data into useful insights.

You will start with Tableau Desktop by learning to download it, navigate the interface, and connect to data sources. The book teaches you to create and format basic charts, adding interactivity with parameters, sets, sorting, and filtering. You will explore calculations and advanced visualizations like bar-in-bar charts and maps. It covers designing interactive dashboards, using text and images for storytelling, and sharing work via PDFs and Tableau Public. The book ends with AI features in Tableau and hands-on exercises to practice.

Through this book, readers can gain the confidence to handle complex datasets, apply advanced visualization techniques, and harness Tableau's full potential to make informed decisions faster and with greater accuracy. This guide is your pathway to becoming proficient in the art and science of data visualization with Tableau. 


  • Detailed exploration of Tableau, Tableau interface, dimensions, measures, and other visualization tools.
  • Techniques for interactive data visualization using actions, filters, sets, parameters, groups, and hierarchy.
  • Advanced graphing techniques and dynamic visualization strategies, calculated fields, table calculations, and LOD.
  • Comprehensive integration of AI to improve data analysis.


  • Tableau for complex data visualizations and apply predictive analytics. Clean and prepare data efficiently and create interactive dashboards that drive strategic business decisions.
  • Advanced charts like bar-in-bar, profit calendar, and map visualizations.
  • Gain practical hands-on experience with a question bank based on various industry use cases, enhancing your ability to tackle real-world data challenges.


This book is an excellent resource for students from any discipline, data scientists, business analysts, and professionals eager to master Tableau for comprehensive insights, effective dashboards, and advanced data analysis. 

  1. Introduction to Data Visualization and Visual Analytics
  2. Getting Started with Tableau Desktop
  3. Connecting to Data Sources and Data Interpretation
  4. Basic Data Visualization and Graphs in Tableau
  5. Dynamic Interaction: Parameters, Set, Hierarchies, and Sorting
  6. Dynamic Interaction Using Filter and Action on Worksheet
  7. Advanced Data Visualization and Graphs in Tableau
  8. Calculations in Tableau
  9. Dashboard Design and Story Creation
  10. Enhancing Dashboards: Sharing and Collaboration
  11. Integrating AI in Tableau: An Overview
  12. Data Cleaning and Preparation Using Tableau Prep Builder

Dr. Arpana Chaturvedi holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science, where she proposed security solutions for DigiLocker and UIDAI. Throughout her 32-year tenure, she has extensively contributed to fields such as IT, security, AI, and ML, supported by her numerous published papers and patents. As a Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate, Dr. Arpana Chaturvedi has significantly impacted the academic growth of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Her proficiency spans a variety of programming languages including Java, Python, C, and C++. Additionally, she imparts knowledge across diverse disciplines such as Linux, Data Structure, Oracle, web technologies, Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, and Advanced Excel. Her teaching method enriches the curriculum by incorporating practical case studies, preparing students to meet real-world challenges effectively.

Moreover, she ventured into digital marketing and SEO, significantly boosting the digital presence of one institution she was affiliated with for nearly 18 years, where she also developed and managed their website. Her ongoing projects with DST and MSME, along with her research on Ayushman Bharat’s impact in UP East Region, demonstrate her active involvement in significant empirical studies. Dr. Chaturvedi's career exemplifies her commitment to blending theoretical knowledge with practical applications, establishing her as a key figure in the educational sector.

Prof. Praveen Malik is a seasoned educator and data analyst with Over 19 years of experience in teaching and consulting. As a Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate and expert in MS Excel and Tableau, Mr. Malik has significantly contributed to the academic and professional growth of undergraduate and postgraduate management students. He has developed and taught courses on Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, Data Analytics, and Advanced Excel, integrating real-world case studies and projects. Additionally, Mr. Malik has provided consultancy and conducted numerous Management Development Programs (MDPs) for corporate houses, focusing on advanced data analysis and business intelligence. Passionate about fostering analytical skills and a data-driven mindset, Mr. Malik blends theoretical knowledge with practical insights to create an engaging and impactful learning environment.

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