Mastering Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Abhishek Mishra

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ISBN: 9789391030162
ISBN: 9789391030179
Authors: Abhishek Mishra
Rights: Worldwide
Publishing Date: May 2021
Pages: 292
Dimension: 7.50*9.25 Inches
Book Type: Paperback

Become an expert in running containerization operations using serverless Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure


  • Includes production ready examples and demonstration on the use of Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • In detail coverage on Kubernetes administration, security aspects, and container deployment.
  • Cutting edge coverage on best practices for end to end enterprise containerization.
  • Includes Serverless Kubernetes and Kubernetes based Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA).


This book teaches you how to build, deploy, and manage the Azure Kubernetes Service cluster on both Linux and Windows operating systems. It includes new capabilities of Kubernetes like Serverless Kubernetes using Virtual Kubelet and Kubernetes based Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA).

The book builds strong hold on foundational concepts of containers and Kubernetes. It explores the container-based offerings on Azure and looks at all necessary Azure container-based services required to work on Azure Kubernetes Service. It deals with creating an Azure Kubernetes cluster, deploying to the cluster, performing operational activities on the cluster, and monitoring and troubleshooting issues on the cluster. You will explore different options and tool sets like Kubectl commands, Azure CLI commands, and Helm Charts to work on the Azure Kubernetes Service cluster. Furthermore, it covers advanced areas like Serverless Kubernetes using Virtual Kubelet, Kubernetes based Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA), and the Azure Kubernetes Service cluster on Windows. It explains how to build Azure DevOps pipelines for deployments on Azure Kubernetes Service.

By the end of this book, you become proficient in Azure Kubernetes Service and equips yourself with all the necessary skills to design and build production-grade containerized solutions using Azure Kubernetes Service.


  • Build strong fundamentals of Azure Kubernetes Service and Containerization.
  • Learn to administer, manage, and monitor Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Run Linux and Windows-based workloads on Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Practice how to deploy Serverless Kubernetes using Kubelet and KEDA.
  • Learn to work with kubectl commands, Helm Charts, and Azure DevOps.
  • Explore best practices to design and implement Azure Kubernetes Service enterprise-wide.


This book is for all Docker and DevOps professionals who wish to get upskilled to know how to use Azure Kubernetes Service and become an expert in implementing it across the enterprise. Software Architects and Developers proficient in Azure fundamentals can also make use of this book to get expert practical knowledge on Azure Kubernetes Service.

  1. Overview of Kubernetes and Containers on Azure
  2. Azure Kubernetes Service Core Concepts
  3. Create Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster
  4. Deploy to the Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster
  5. Manage the Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster
  6. Monitor the Azure Kubernetes Service Cluster
  7. Serverless Kubernetes on Azure
  8. Windows Container on Kubernetes Service
  9. DevOps for Azure Kubernetes Service
  10. Design and Implement Solutions on Azure Kubernetes Service

Abhishek Mishra is an architect with a leading Fortune 500 software multinational company and is an expert in designing and building Enterprise-grade Intelligent Azure and . NET based architectures. He is an expert in .NET Full-stack, Azure (PaaS, IaaS, Serverless), Infrastructure as Code, Azure Machine Learning, Intelligent Azure (Azure Bot Services and Cognitive Services), and Robotics Process Automation. He has a rich 15+ years of experience working across top organizations in the industry. He loves blogging and is an active blogger on C# Corner. He has been awarded C# Corner Most Valuable Professional (MVP) - December 2018, December 2019, and December 2020 three times in a row for his contributions to the developer community.

He is an active speaker and delivers sessions on Azure. He has spoken in leading conferences like C# Corner Azure Conference 2020, nopCommerce Days 2019 Mumbai, C# Corner Pune Conference 2019, Global Power Platform Bootcamp Pune, and many more.

Certifications to his credit – TOGAF Certified, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Machine Learning, Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate, and many more

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