Expert Linux Administration Guide

Vishal Rai

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Author: Vishal Rai
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Publishing Date: June 2022
Pages: 796
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Linux administration based on hosted virtualization


  • Designed for absolute beginners and early Linux users with the most up-to-date knowledge.
  • Contains troubleshooting tips and best practices for running a Linux system on your own.
  • Supplemental knowledge and insights in server security, threat management, and virtualization.


'Expert Linux Administration Guide' is for the readers who are interested in developing the skills and abilities essential to operate as a professional Linux system administrator. This is the only book that explains everything about Linux practically through examples, simplified visuals, solution tips, and expert-led best practices.

This book begins with an introduction to Linux fundamentals and swiftly progresses to the day-to-day tasks of a Linux administrator. You practically learn how to plan your network by installing Linux and gaining a firm grasp of its file system and system configuration. This book covers all the Linux server settings, including DNS, mail servers, Squid proxy servers, and backup recovery. In addition, the book contains troubleshooting hints and ready-to-use solutions for server configuration, load balancing, firewall configuration, network security concerns, and virtualization. The book does not end here, as it discusses some of the advanced administrator's responsibilities. Topics such as monitoring system performance, process controls, user provisioning, file and database recovery and backup, and software package upgrades are also covered.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to practise and implement the latest system administration techniques in a Linux environment considerably more effectively.


  • Learn to install and configure Linux servers quickly.
  • Manage configurations, license software, and patch security flaws.
  • Obtain the highest level of support for RAID configurations.
  • Learn how to set up database servers, backups, and system recovery.
  • Expert advice on firewalls, web servers, disc utilization, and network resources.


This book is intended for System Managers, System Administrators, Network Administrators, Server Administrators, System Engineers, and others interested in becoming professional Linux Administrators. No prerequisite knowledge is required, as the book covers everything clearly and precisely.

  1. Linux Fundamental
  2. Files, Directories & User Management
  3. File Compression and Archival
  4. Performing Search
  5. Vi Editor 
  6. Linux Installation
  7. System Initialization
  8. Overview of Network commands
  9. Firewall Setup

10A. Partition System in CentOS7/8

10B. LVM and ISCSI CentOS7/8

  1. YUM Server
  2. Telnet
  3. Domain Name System
  4. Dynamic Host Control Protocol
  5. Unified Threat  Management (UTM)
  6. Squid Web Proxy 
  7. Apache Web Server
  8. Linux as a Router
  9. NIS Server 
  10. NFS Server
  11. File Transfer Protocol 
  12. Samba Configuration
  13. Mail Server Configuration
  14. Linux Hardening
  15. Load Balancer
  16. Setup Network Printer Services
  17. System Backup and Restore Process
  18. Linux Virtualization KVM
  19. Introduction to Open-Source tools
  20. Troubleshooting Network Issues

Vishal Rai has worked as a Sr System Administrator/ Jr.Consultant in Central Govt. Organization under the administrative control of Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India. He has more than 10+ years of experience in the area of Information Security, System administration and process advocacy and live experience in maintenance/implementation of various organizational level policies, network administration of more than 600 nodes. His recent achievements include:-

Providing more than 100 hours of technical training to various technical staffs and academician from India’s renowned institutions.

Showcased proactive work in the field of lab designing, information security policies designing / implementation, making presentation to the big audience.

Designed Cyber Security Module, deployed the Lab for Cyber Security Training using Virtualization. And imparting the Training to Govt. Employee of various organizations such as D.D.U University Gorakhpur etc.

Linkedin Profile: Vishal Rai

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