Beginning with Web3

Ken Huang

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ISBN: 9789355517401
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Authors: Ken Huang
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Edition: 2024
Pages: 378
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This book offers a clear, easy-to-understand introduction to the core concepts of Web3 and blockchain technology, setting the stage for anyone looking to dive into the development of decentralized applications (dApps). With a focus on Ethereum blockchain, node infrastructure, wallets, and key management, it lays the essential groundwork for secure and efficient Web3 development.

This book explores Web3, a decentralized web powered by blockchain technology. Discover Ethereum's role and tools for building Web3 apps as you dive into DeFi, NFTs, and deploying apps across blockchains. After reading this book, you will be able to unveil the potential of AI integration in Web3. Imagine a web where control is not centralized but distributed across many computers. You will learn Ethereum basics, transaction processing, and node functions. You will be able to securely manage digital assets with crypto wallets and utilize tools like Truffle and Hard Hat for smart contract development. The book teaches how to deploy apps across blockchain networks and understand AI's role in enhancing Web3.

Whether you are aiming to transition into Web3 development or looking to deepen your existing skills, this book offers invaluable insights into the latest technologies and trends.  


  • Easy-to-understand introduction to Web3 for beginners.
  • Essential dApp building blocks for developers.
  • Generative AI and Web3 insights for innovators.


  • Grasp the fundamentals of Web3 and blockchain technology clearly.
  • Develop secure, efficient decentralized applications using Ethereum.
  • Utilize essential tools and frameworks for Web3 development.
  • Implement advanced security measures to protect your dApps.
  • Integrate generative AI, like ChatGPT, into Web3 projects.
  • Explore DeFi and NFT markets for innovative dApp creation.


This book is tailored for aspiring Web3 developers, software engineers looking to transition into the blockchain space, and tech enthusiasts eager to explore decentralized applications.

Section I: Foundations of Web3 and Blockchain
1. Introduction to Web3
2. Understanding the Ethereum Blockchain
3. Web3 Node Infrastructure
4. Wallets and Key Management in Web3
Section II: Security and Storage in Web3
5. Security in Web3 Development
6. Introduction to Decentralized Storage
Section III: How to Develop Web3 Applications
7. Tools for Web3 Development
8. DeFi and NFT dApp Development
9. Building dApps on Popular Chains and Protocols
10. ChatGPT and Web3 Development

Ken Huang is the author and chief editor of 8 books on Generative Artificial Intelligence and Web3, published respectively by international publishers including Springer, Cambridge University Press, John Wiley, and China Machine Press. He currently serves as the CEO of the AI and Web3 consulting and education company DistributedApps.AI, based in the United States. Additionally, he holds multiple roles including the expert member of the Blockchain Committee of the Chinese Institute of Electronics, the Co-Chair of AI Organization Responsibility Working Group at Cloud Security Alliance and Chair of the Blockchain Security Working Group at the Cloud Security Alliance, GCR. He is also a core contributor to the Generative AI Working Group at the NIST and a core author of the OWASP Top 10 for LLM Applications.

Ken Huang has been invited to provide speaking and consulting services at institutions including the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China Pacific Insurance, and the World Bank in the past.

Moreover, he has given keynote speeches at international conferences, such as:

  • The Davos World Economic Forum 2020 Blockchain Conference
  • Consensus 2018 in New York
  • The American ACM AI & Blockchain Decentralized Annual Conference 2019
  • IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society Annual Meeting 2019
  • Silicon Valley World Digital Currency Forum
  • Sino-US Blockchain Summit in Silicon Valley

He has also been awarded the "Blockchain 60" Figure Award by the National University Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Innovation Alliance Blockchain Special Committee in China in 2021.

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