Section 1: The Concept
1. What are Chatbots?
2. How Chatbot Works
3. What is the Need for a Chatbot?
4. Conversational Flow?

Section 2: Creating a Chatbot Using Amazon Lex
1. Amazon Lex and AWS Account
2. Create Bot Using Amazon Lex
3. AWS Lambda Function
4. Slots
5. Error Handling
6. Deploy the Bot on Facebook Messenger
7. Live Chatbot on Facebook

Section 3: Creating a Chatbot Using Dialogflow API and Microsoft’s Bot Framework
Technical Requirements
1. Dialogflow Account
2. Creating a Bot in Dialogflow
3. Dialogflow Console
4. Integrating the Bot with Slack
5. Chatbot Using Microsoft Bot Framework
6. Publishing the Bot from Visual Studio to Azure
7. Register the Bot
8. Dialogflow.v2 SDK
9. Webhooks in Dialogflow
10. Testing the Bot
11. Deploy the Chatbot in Facebook Messenger
12. Live Chatbot on Facebook
13. Deploy the Chatbot in Slack