Part - I: Introduction to NFTs and Digital Assets

  1. Basic Concepts of Blockchain, Web3, and Digital Assets
  2. The Technology Behind NFT Projects

Part - II: Basic Concepts of ERC and Solidity Programming

  1. The Fundamentals of ERC Token Contracts, ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155
  2. Exploring the Basics of Solidity Programming

Part - III: Building NFTs with Solidity, Truffle Suite and Infura

  1. Setting Up Your Development Environment
  2. Writing and Deploying the NFT Smart Contract
  3. Building the NFT Marketplace Front-end

Part - IV: Building NFTs with Solidity, Alchemy, Hardhat and Pinata

  1. Building An ERC-721 Token with Hardhat, Pinata, and Alchemy
  2. Minting NFTs with Alchemy

Part - V: Marketing the NFT

  1. Promoting and Marketing NFTs