1. Tools for Imaginations, Innovation, Technologies, and Creativity
  2. Quantum Physics as an Enabler of a Quantum Computer
  3. Mathematics of Quantum Computers: The Fundamentals
  4. From Bits to Qubits to Qubytes
  5. Artificial Intelligence and Associated Technologies: A Review
  6. Quantum Algorithms for Everyone …!!!
  7. Quantum Machine Learning
  8. Quantum Cryptography: The Future of Security
  9. The Architecture of a Quantum Computer
  10. DNA, Quantum and Photonic Computers
  11. Let’s Realize It: Quantum Start-Ups and Giants in Action
  12. The Quantum Strategies
  13. The Human Side of Quantum Computer

Annexure 1: Q# for quantum computation

Annexure 2: Python for Quantum computing

Annexure 3: Miscellaneous topics: reduction in emissions, global warming, fearless leadership and important facts

Annexure 4: References, Notes and Bibliography