1. The Genesis of Blockchain
  2. Architecting Blockchain Solutions From Scratch
  3. Components of Blockchain Architecture and Its Types
  4. Blockchain Basics—Cryptography, Encryption, Hashing, and Merkle Tree
  5. Blockchain Basics II —Transactions, Banking, Ledger Accounting, and DLTs
  6. Blockchain Use Cases - Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, and Tokenization
  7. Other Use Cases
  8. Blockchain Advanced— Nodes, Instances, and Service Providers
  9. Blockchain Advanced—Consensus Mechanisms
  10. Architecting Blockchain Solutions From Scratch
  11. Blockchain Architecture—Languages and Libraries - Part 1
  12. Blockchain Architecture— Languages and Libraries - Part 2
  13. Blockchain Architecture—Setting Up Development Environment
  14. Blockchain Architecture—Design Development and Integrations
  15. Blockchain Bonus—Creating Cryptocurrencies and NFTs
  16. What Next? The Roadmap to Your Blockchain Architect