1. Introduction- How it started. The rise of Blockchain Religion
  2. Whodunnit - Unravelling the Mystery of bitcoin’s Origin
  3. Blockchain - Some FAQs What is Blockchain? Some fundamentals
  4. Its ‘Data’ Stupid! - The Rising Power of Data Exponents
  5. The Rise of Digital Marketing: How it all Started
  6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  7. Big Data Analytics & its Implications to organizations
  8. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence: Automating the Future
  9. Internet of Things- The booming penetration
  10. Malware attacks and cyber threats
  11. Risks of centralization & single points of failure
  12. General Data Protection Regulations and their Implications
  13. Blockchain- An introduction
  14. Bitcoin & The Blockchain - The inception of the ‘BigBang’
  15. Key features and benefits of Blockchain
  16. Ethereum- The State Machine
  17. DAOs & ICOs- Facilitating Entrepreneurship
  18. Blockchain Certified LLPs to Boost Entrepreneurship
  19. Blockchain Platforms for Web 2.0 Applications
  20. The Birth of Enterprise Blockchain
  21. Hyperledger Project - Fabric, Sawtooth - Versatile and Empowering
  22. Enterprise Blockchain Platforms- A brief look at options
  23. DMADV: Lean Six Sigma inspired an approach to architect a BCT Solution
  24. Scaling up the Blockchain Project
  25. Blockchain as a Service- Various platforms available
  26. Blockchain Applications in Action- a Case study
  27. Blockchain use cases- Enterprises, Government, NGOs
  28. Blockchainified Future- A Vision for progressive enterprises
  29. Maneuvering in the World of GDPR
  30. A safer and secure world with Blockchain-based solutions
  31. Annexure 1: Blockchain Glossary
  32. Annexure 2: Big Data Analytics - Applications Across Global Enterprises
  33. Annexure 3: Prominent Blockchain-Based Applications and DAOs
  34. Annexure 4: Consensus Models- A Practical Comparison
  35. Annexure 5: Enterprise Blockchain Applications- Top use cases x Blockchain The Untold Story
  36. Annexure 6: Corda Key Concepts
  37. Annexure 7: Example of a Blockchain Technical White paper
  38. Annexure 8: More on 3 Cs of Blockchain-Consensus, CIA & CAP
  39. Annexure 9: Concepts addressed in the book
  40. Testimonials