Part I

  1. Selecting Various Charts and Graphs
  2. Chart Elements, Styles, and Analysis
  3. Custom Charts, Data Filtering, and Formatting
  4. Animations, Sparklines, and Conditional Formatting

Part II

  1. Speed Up with PivotTables
  2. Preparing and Labeling PivotTable Source Data
  3. Create, Calculate, and Format PivotTables
  4. Sort, Filter, and Group PivotTables
  5. PivotTables Calculations, Formulas, and Functions
  6. PivotCharts
  7. PivotTable Slicers and Timelines
  8. PivotTable Dashboards
  9. Charts and PivotTable Case Studies

Part III

  1. Descriptive Statistics, Correlation, and Histograms
  2. Goal Seek and Sensitivity Analysis