Section - I: Overview and Need for Cybersecurity

  1. Overview of Information Security and Cybersecurity
  2. Aligning Security with Business Objectives and Defining CISO Role

Section - II: Building Blocks for a Secured Ecosystem and Identification of Critical Components

  1. Next-generation Perimeter Solutions
  2. Next-generation Endpoint Security
  3. Security Incident Response (IR) Methodology
  4. Cloud Security & Identity Management
  5. Vulnerability Management and Application Security
  6. Critical Infrastructure Component of Cloud and Data Classification

Section - III: Assurance Framework (the RUN Mode) and Adoption of Regulatory Standards

  1. Importance of Regulatory Requirements and Business Continuity
  2. Risk management- Life Cycle
  3. People, Process, and Awareness
  4. Threat Intelligence & Next-generation SIEM Solution
  5. Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

Section - IV: Cybersecurity Strategy Guidelines, Templates, and Recommendations

  1. Implementation of Guidelines & Templates
  2. Best Practices and Recommendations