1. Introduction to CASP
  2. Business and Industry Trends, Influences and Risks
  3. Organization Security Policies and Documents
  4. Risk Mitigation Strategies
  5. Enterprise Risk Measurement and Metrics
  6. Components of Network Security
  7. Securing Hosts and Devices
  8. Secure Storage Controls
  9. Securing the Internet of Things
  10. Cloud and Virtualization Security
  11. Application Security Controls
  12. Security Assessments
  13. Selecting Vulnerability Assessment Tools
  14. Securing Communications and Collaborative Solutions
  15. Implementing Cryptographic Techniques
  16. Identification, Authentication and Authorization
  17. Security Incidents and Response
  18. Integrating Hosts, Network, Storage and Applications
  19. Security Activities Across Technology Lifecycle
  20. CASP+ Skill Assessment Question and Answers
  21. CASP+ Skill Assessment Question and Answers
  22. Appendix D Study Planner