1. Introduction to Microsoft Power BI
  2. Microsoft Power BI Eco-system
  3. Getting Started with Power BI and Connect with Data
  4. My first Power BI Report
  5. Intro to BI Building Blocks & Dimensional Mod Concepts
  6. Get Data from Relational Databases
  7. Cleansing, Blending and Transform Data using Power Query
  8. Build Relationships
  9. Introduction to DAX and Calculated Columns, Cal Measures & Hierarchies
  10. Create Insightful Visuals
  11. Row-level Security
  12. Calculation Groups in Power BI
  13. Self-service AI in Power BI
  14. Incremental Refresh for Scalable Models
  15. Composite Models & Implement Aggregations to Improve query performance
  16. Self-service Data Prep for Any Data
  17. Optimize DAX
  18. Collaborate Your Power BI Workload
  19. Performance Tuning via optimizing Storage and Memory