1. Fundamentals of Agile Software Development, Delivery, and Way of Working
  2. Agile Frameworks
  3. Overview of the Scrum Framework
  4. Scrum Malfunctioning and Understanding the need for Advanced Scrum Add-ons
  5. Introduction to Advanced Scrum Add-ons
  6. Add-ons for Structuring, Collaboration, and Communication within Scrum Teams
  7. Add-ons for Scrum Roles and Working Agreement within Scrum Teams
  8. Add-ons for Effective and Efficient Product Backlog Management
  9. Add-ons for Effective and Efficient Relative Estimation
  10. Add-ons for Scrum Events
  11. Add-ons for Advanced Engineering Practices and Technical Agility
  12. Add-ons for Effective and Efficient Scrum Metrics
  13. Add-ons for Scaling Scrum
  14. Additional Advanced Scrum Add-ons
  15. A Quick Reflection on Scrum Guide 2020