1. Choose and Set Up a Robot Computer
  2. GPIO Hardware Interface Pins Overview and Use
  3. The Robot Platform
  4. Types of Robot Motors and Motor Control
  5. Communication with Sensors and other Devices
  6. Additional Helpful Hardware
  7. Adding the Computer to Control your Robot
  8. Robot Control Strategy
  9. Coordinating the Parts
  10. Maps for Robot Navigation
  11. Robot Tracking and Localization
  12. Autonomous Motion
  13. Autonomous Path Planning
  14. Wheel Encoders for Odometry
  15. Ultrasonic Range Detectors
  16. IMUs: Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, and Magnetometers
  17. GPS and External Beacon Systems
  18. LIDAR Devices and Data
  19. Real Vision with Cameras
  20. Sensor Fusion
  21. Building and Programming an Autonomous Robot