The Era of Data Center
Day 1: Understanding Azure and Services Offered for .NET Developers  
  • Pass: Platform as a service  
  • IASS: Infrastructure as Service
  • SSAS: Software as a Service
  • LAAS: Logic/ Function as a Service
  • When to use when?
  • Azure Virtual Machine
  • Azure Web App for container
  • Azure Service Fabrics
  • Azure Web Apps
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure Function
  • Azure Logic Apps
Day 2: Creating your Free Azure Account and Create Your First Web App Service on Azure
  • Create Your Azure free account
  • Create Your First Web App service on Azure
  • Resource Group
  • Adding a Resource Group
  • Subscription
  • Resource Group Location
  • Creating a Web App service resource on your
  • Subscription
Day 3: Creating and Deploying a Sample ASP.NET Core on Azure Web App.
  • Creating a Sample ASP.NET Core App Step by Step
  • Creating a SQL Server Resource on Azure Step by Step
  • Connect to Azure SQL Database from SSMS
Day 4: Creating and Running a Background Job with the help of Web Jobs on Azure
  • Web Jobs
  • Timer Triggered
  • Continuous Running Job
  • Creating your first Timer Trigger Web Job Using VS 2017
  • Understanding the web job solution
  • Cron expression
  • Deploying Web job on Azure
  • Stopping Timer Triggered Jobs
Day 5: Creating and Running a Service Bus Triggered Web Jobs on Azure to send mail to the Customer using Send Grid
  • Service Bus Trigger Jobs
  • Creating a Service Bus Resource on Azure
  • Send Grid
  • Setting up Send Grid Resource on Azure
  • Creating Dynamic template in SendGrid
  • Creating Service Bus Web Job
  • Deploying Service Bus trigger Web Job on Azure
Day 6: Creating your first Cloud Service app on Azure
Cloud Service
  • Creating Your First Cloud Service with Web and Worker role
  • Creating your first Worker Role with service bus trigger
  • Taking Snapshot using PhantomJs
  • Deploying Cloud Service
  • Deploying via Visual Studio
  • Connect to RDP using Azure Portal Step By Step
  • Deploying Cloud Service as a Package
Day 7: Logic/Function as a Service Often Termed has Serverless Computing, Creating your First Azure Function on Microsoft Azure
  • Azure Functions
  • Creating your first Azure Function using Visual Studio
  • Various type of Azure function
  • Host.json
  • Deploying Azure function to Azure via visual studio
  • References