Cracking the emerging tech code will help you attain your Emerging Technology (ET) career goals faster without spending years in committing avoidable mistakes, recovering from them, and learning things the hard way. You can apply practical tips in areas such as improving your ability to craft market-friendly use cases and evolving a solution approach in new and diverse tech or business environments, to propel forward your career in strategic and proactive ways.

It outlines ways in which you can explore and capitalize on hidden opportunities while working on important career aspects. The anecdotes and solutions provided will aid you in getting an inside out view to reduce your learning curve. This book will help you in gaining both magnitude and direction in your ET career journey and prevent you from getting overwhelmed or pinned down by the forces of ET.

Authored by an ET professional, this book will take you through a series of steps to deepen your understanding of the forces that shape one’s ET career and successfully dealing with them.

It also helps bust myths, addresses fallacies, and common misconceptions that could harm one’s career prospects. There are also practical and easy-to-adopt tips, methods, tracking mechanisms, and information that will improve career standing and professional growth.

This book makes it easy for you to enhance your employability and job market relevance so that you can sprint towards a rewarding career.


Learn how to work towards making the most out of a career in emerging tech

Key Features

  • Understand the core concepts related to careers in emerging tech.

  • Learn innovative, exclusive, and exciting ways to design a successful career in ET.

  • Reduce your learning curve by examining the career trajectories of eminent ET professionals.

  • Ways to evolve and adapt to changing ET paradigms.

  • Practical perspective from the field.

What Will You Learn

Through this book, you will connect with ways and means to build a strong and rewarding emerging tech career. You will be able to work on identifying the right technology and employer, enhancing employability and differentiation in the job market, addressing challenges and connecting with enablers, accurate growth strategies and execution principles.

Who This Book is For

This book is for current and aspiring emerging tech professionals, students, and anyone who wishes to understand ways to have a fulfilling career in emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, cybersecurity, IoT, space tech, and more.