Embrace the transformative power of cloud robotics with Cloud-Powered Robotics with Raspberry Pi, your ultimate guide to building and deploying intelligent robotic applications using cutting-edge DevOps and cloud native tools. Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of DevOps, mastering the principles and practices that streamline software development and deployment. Uncover the intricacies of cloud native tools like Docker and Kubernetes, learning how to containerize, orchestrate, and manage your robotic applications with unparalleled efficiency.

Transform your knowledge into action by constructing a comprehensive robot monitoring system step by step. Through this hands-on project, you will gain practical experience with cloud native tools, solidifying your understanding of their applications and empowering you to leverage their capabilities for your own projects. Explore the boundless potential of cloud native computing in robotics, discovering how these tools are revolutionizing industries like assembly, farming, and medicine. Gain insights from real-world case studies, witnessing how small companies are harnessing the power of cloud native tools to create innovative robotic solutions.

Join the forefront of cloud robotics and empower yourself to build, deploy, and monitor intelligent robotic applications that transform industries and shape the future.


  • Learn the basics of DevOps and Cloud Native Computing.
  • Learn how to build a robot using web frameworks like Flask.
  • Learn how to use Docker to containerize your applications.
  • Learn how to orchestrate your Raspberry Pi containers with Kubernetes.
  • Learn how to use GitHub Actions and Argo CD to test and deploy applications.
  • Learn how to use Prometheus to gather metrics.
  • Learn how to build a Dashboard with Grafana.


  • Learn the basics of DevOps and Cloud Native Computing.
  • Learn how to use cloud native tools by building a robot monitoring application.
  • Learn how each tool works and understand the concepts of cloud native computing along the way. 
  • Specific examples of how to use cloud native tools in other fields such as assembly, farming and medicine.


This book is for DevOps engineers who are already familiar with these tools and want to apply them to other projects, software developers who want to learn cloud native tools for the first time, robotics and IoT enthusiasts and engineers who want to learn cloud native tools to apply them to their projects. The only requirements are knowing the basics of Python, Node.js or Java.