Practice! That is what Python Programming is all about. To be able to master Python you need to practise writing a large number of programs in it. As you try to do so, you would find that there are multiple ways of writing any program. So you need to find out whether you have chosen the best way to implement your program. That’s where you would find this book useful.

‘Let Us Python’ contains exercises at the end of each chapter. Solving these exercises would help you build your Python skills. As you do so, many of you would feel the need for a trusted companion who will ratify your answers and programs. ‘Let Us Python Solutions’ will be that trusted companion. It will help you validate your answers and teach you how to write better Python programs. 


  • Strengthens the foundations, as detailed explanation of programming language concepts are given in simple manner.              
  • Lists down all the important points that you need to know related to various topics in an organized manner.
  • Prepares you for coding related interview and theoretical questions.
  • Provides In depth explanation of complex topics and Questions.
  • Focuses on how to think logically to solve a problem.
  • Follows a systematic approach that will help you to prepare for an interview in short duration of time.
  • Exercises are exceptionally useful to complete the reader’s understanding of a topic.


  • Data types, Control flow instructions, console  & File Input/Output
  • Strings, list & tuples, List comprehension
  • Sets & Dictionaries, Functions & Lambdas
  • Dictionary Comprehension
  • Modules, classes and objects, Inheritance
  • Operator overloading, Exception handling
  • Iterators & Generators, Decorators, Command-line Parsing


Students, Programmers, researchers, and software developers who wish to learn the basics of Python programming language