Whether you're a beginner or an experienced administrator, this book will help you master the installation and configuration of IBM FileNet Information Management software.

This book provides detailed instructions and practical techniques for preparing, configuring, and deploying IBM software products. From IBM BAW 18.0 and IBM Security Directory Suite 8.x to IBM Content Search Services 5.5.x and Oracle 12C, this book covers the essential prerequisites and installation processes for each system platform. You'll also learn about setting up supporting systems like IBM Case Manager and IBM Workflow Center and integrating components like WebSphere, IBM Content Navigator, and Case Monitor Dashboard. 

By the end of the book, you will have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively prepare, configure, and deploy different IBM software products. 


  • Get guidance on installation and configuration, including troubleshooting.
  • Prepare thoroughly for installation to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.
  • Install or upgrade Case Manager, Content Search, Case Analyzer, Monitor Dashboard, and WebSphere.


  • Learn how to access the comprehensive list of IBM Resources and Technical References.
  • Understand the procedures for IBM Installation downloads and using the Software Compatibility Matrix.
  • Get familiar with the tools available for system monitoring, such as the IBM SCout tool for System Sizing.
  • Download, prepare, and successfully install IBM Fix Packs, IBM Cloud systems, and RedHat OpenShift.
  • Know how to install and set up IBM Directory Services Security for Users and Groups.


This book is for IT consultants, systems and solution architects, and data analysts and developers who need to document proposals for the sizing and requirements of IBM software products for banks and insurance companies. It also provides guidance on document management, workflow, and case management solutions.