Golang holds significance because of its emphasis on simplicity, readability, impressive performance, and built-in support for concurrency. If you want to elevate your Golang programming skills and become a more proficient developer, then this book is for you.

“Golang for Jobseekers” starts by providing a comprehensive introduction to Go, covering its syntax, fundamental concepts, and unique features that make it an efficient language for development. It delves deeply into data structures and algorithms, equipping you with techniques to optimize your code and solve complex problems with elegance and speed. Furthermore, the book explores the art of building robust RESTful API applications in Go. It teaches you industry best practices and architectural patterns for creating scalable, secure, and maintainable APIs. The book then takes you through a step-by-step journey from development to production, demonstrating how to deploy Go applications in different environments, ranging from virtual machines to containers on Kubernetes. Lastly, it helps you understand essential concepts like monitoring and logging, enabling you to ensure the performance and health of your applications in real-world scenarios.

By the end of the book, you will be equipped to confidently showcase your expertise during interviews, giving you a competitive edge in the job market.


  • Gain a solid foundation in Golang application development, covering essential concepts and techniques.
  • Explore the complete lifecycle of Golang applications, from development to successful deployment in production environments.
  • Get a roadmap for further learning and skill enhancement after mastering the concepts in the book.


  • Gain proficiency in data structures and algorithms using Golang.
  • Learn how to develop a RESTful API application using Golang.
  • Acquire the knowledge and skills required to deploy an application to a virtual machine.
  • Explore the process of deploying an application in a containerized environment.
  • Understand the essential concepts and practices for making applications "production ready”.


Ideal for newcomers to the industry, this book explores the entire journey of application development, from concept to production-ready deployment.