In every software-based job interview, database systems will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion. It has become customary to ask at least a few database-related questions. As NoSQL technologies continue to gain popularity, asking about their functionality and practical applications during interviews is becoming more commonplace.

This book focuses on these two areas, aiming to familiarize you with the types of questions you may encounter in interviews and providing guidance on preparing and strategizing accordingly. This book thoroughly explores the NoSQL family, covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced topics such as architecture, optimization, and practical use cases. It also includes a selection of frequently asked questions from a query perspective. Moreover, this book is designed to assist you in last-minute revisions. This book also tackles a common interview challenge of effectively communicating complex concepts in a clear and concise manner, even if you have a strong understanding of the subject matter.

By the end of the book,  you will be well-equipped to handle interviews and confidently answer queries related to both, database systems and NoSQL.


  • Get familiar with different concepts and queries in SQL.
  • Comprehensive coverage of different types of NoSQL databases.
  • Understand the performance tuning strategies and best practices for NoSQL databases.


  • Get an in-depth understanding of Relational Databases.
  • Understand the differences between Relational databases and NoSQL databases.
  • Explore the architecture for each type of NoSQL database.
  • Get insights into the application areas of each type of NoSQL database.
  • Understand the paradigm shift in designing NoSQL schema and queries.


This book is for current and aspiring emerging tech professionals, students, and anyone who wishes to have a rewarding career in emerging technologies such as Relational database and NoSQL.