Git is a popular open-source version control system that allows developers to efficiently track changes to their codebase and collaborate with others on software projects. If you want to gain a solid understanding of Git and its capabilities, then this book is for you.

"Git Repository Management in 30 Days" is a step-by-step guide for developers looking to master the art of Git repository management. This book covers everything from the fundamentals of Git to advanced subjects like branching, merging, rebasing, and dispute resolutionThe book will help you learn how to establish, manage, and collaborate on Git repositories. Besides this, it will also teach you how to use Git commands, tools, and workflows to increase code quality and streamline your development process.

On completing the book, you will be able to manage your Git code repositories effectively.


  • Learn how to handle code changes using the Git commands and tools.
  • Get familiar with the advanced topics, including merging, rebasing, and branching.
  • Explore best practices for process optimization and committing code.


  • Get familiar with Git and version control fundamentals.
  • Explore the most commonly used Git commands.
  • Learn how to understand and solve conflicts in Git.
  • Learn how to manage complex code bases with Git.
  • Integrate Git with various platforms and development tools.


This book is for current and aspiring emerging tech professionals, students, and anyone who wants to understand and work with Git and GitHub. It is also for experienced tech professionals who want to manage their code efficiently.