Leverage the power of .NET Core and C# to build cross-platform enterprise apps effectively


  • Get familiar with the software architecture for .NET applications.
  • Understand how design patterns are implemented in C# and .NET.
  • Build high-performance cross-platform apps using the .NET platform and C#.


Building enterprise applications is a complex task that requires a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies and programming languages. C# and .NET are powerful tools that have become increasingly popular in enterprise development.

This book will help you build enterprise-grade applications with C# and .NET. It covers a wide range of topics, including the basics of C# programming, advanced concepts such as object-oriented programming, and the use of the .NET platform for building robust and scalable applications. You will also explore the best practices and design patterns for building enterprise applications.

By the end of the book, you will be able to create a full enterprise application by applying all the given concepts across the entire book, including TDD, database access, security, authentication, modern architecture, and the new features of C#.


  • Create Asp.Net Core web applications based on Razor pages.
  • Build cross-platform desktop and mobile apps using .NET.
  • Learn how to integrate your .NET app with the most important features of Azure.
  • Using multiple databases in ASP.NET Core via Entity Framework Core.
  • Explore different Architectural patterns in .NET.


This book is for developers who are new to C# and .NET and want to build enterprise applications. This is also for experienced developers who want to expand their knowledge of these technologies and improve their skills in building robust and reliable applications.