A Playful Introduction to Programming 


  • Fun-filled, offline skill activity-based book.
  • Easy-to-follow guidance.
  • Engaging, educational Logic puzzles and basic programming puzzles are given.
  • Discover the core concepts of coding via colorful games and activities, and yet without using a computer.
  • Set your little ones up for success with coding for kids.


A Kid's Guide to Coding Fundamentals!

Learn to Code with Fun Activities.

The book is an Activity-based series explaining coding in Analytical, Logical and Computational way. This series of book is for 1 to 8 classes, will give the students a strong base in the field of Coding, Problem-solving abilities, and beyond!.

Book is as per the latest National Education Policy (NEP) and introduces the concept of coding from an early age. Book series will help students to think differently as coding has now become the framework of the modern world and coders are the architect of this modern world.  

The fun activities given in the book can be done in the book or with everyday objects to help the kids to practice the same skills coders use, like recognizing patterns and working efficiently. 


  • Book helps to improve the academic performance of the students and builds soft skills.
  • It gives the life skills which students require for their career.
  • Concept of decomposition, arranging, step-by-Step moving, decision making, repetition.


Book is meant for children to learn coding and to empower themselves with the life skills required to pave their future. It is crafted in such a way that it can develop Logical, Computational and Critical thinking skills.