Create High-performance, Dynamic Single-page Applications Using the Most Popular front-end Framework - ReactJS


  • Learn ReactJS concepts using a practical approach to be interview-ready.
  • Understand the core concepts of UI/UX design to get an edge as a front-end developer.
  • Get answers to the most frequently asked ReactJS interview questions. 


When you talk about front-end development, the first thing that comes to any tech evangelist’s mind is the latest front-end frameworks like ReactJS, VueJS, or even Angular. If you are in the tech industry or are interested in front-end development, then we are pretty sure you must have heard about at least one of these frameworks. Based on its popularity and industry acceptance, ReactJS is leading by miles. 

This book will help you learn everything you need to know about ReactJS to start working as a front-end developer. The book begins by talking about the core concepts like components, state, props, lifecycle, and hooks, which will get you comfortable with the ReactJS ecosystem. The book also talks about additional topics like routing, connecting to the backend, and handling state using Redux to give you a more holistic understanding of building production-level applications using ReactJS.

By the end of the book, you will have a deep understanding of ReactJS.


  • Build simple React applications like business portfolios, marketing pages, product showcases.
  • Build complex React applications like e-commerce webapp or video streaming webapp like simple Youtube replicas.
  • Design simple web applications using Figma.
  • Get familiar with the performance optimization techniques for React Apps.
  • Explore the trending UI patterns in ReactJS.


This book is for fresh graduates and beginners who want to get a full-time front-end developer job. It is also for backend developers who want to upskill to become full-stack developers. Experienced front-end developers can use this book as a reference guide.