Develop Your Own Game Using Unreal Engine 5


  • Learn how to use compatible engine templates for developing custom scenarios.
  • Make a simple third-person game using the core features of Unreal Engine 5.
  • Get familiar with the advanced concepts such as Game Objects and Audio Engine.


Unreal Engine 5 is the latest game development engine released by Epic Games. This book is a learning path for beginners and professionals who want to use Unreal Engine 5 for game development. 

This book starts with the basic setup of Unreal Engine 5 and shows how to create fundamental objects of a game. After a quick review of mathematics used in game design, the book helps you to explore and work with Unreal Editor, the main environment for debugging and developing an app. It then explains how to develop a third-person game and customise game objects within the game. Furthermore, it will help you learn how to use data structures, implement event and event dispatchers, and user interfaces, and handle users' input data. Towards the end, you will learn how to interact with the game objects and develop audio and shaders in the game. 

By the end of this book, you will be able to develop your own games using Unreal Engine 5.


  • Learn how to make Meta sounds in Unreal Engine 5.
  • Work with an advanced level of programming blueprints which is ‘Event Handling’ and ‘Interface’.
  • Understand how data-driven animation works in Unreal Engine 5.
  • Get familiar with the advanced aspects of Game Objects, including more components with their own functionalities/events.
  • Use the Unreal Engine 5 audio engine and develop audio code for the game.


If you are a beginner and want to develop your first game using Unreal Engine, then this book is for you. It is also for game developers who use Unity as the main game engine and now would like to switch to Unreal Engine 5.