Cloud Migration is More Than Infrastructure Migration and Crucial to Business Economy


  • Factors for a successful transition from on-premises to cloud infrastructure, as experienced by various businesses.
  • Several strategies to build secure, immutable infrastructure using Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  • Important aspects of pipeline security, multi-tier application migration, disaster recovery, and much more.


When migrating to the cloud, how can you minimize the time and effort spent on technical fixes? Creating a fault-tolerant, secure, automated, and scalable cloud on-demand infrastructure is a costly and time-consuming organizational operation. This book teaches you how to migrate infrastructure to the cloud utilizing programmable infrastructure. This book explains various ways to implement immutable infrastructure for scalable and secure infrastructure.

To begin with, the book educates you on how to spot problems in today's infrastructure. The book explores how to use programmable infrastructure to provide immutability at each tier level of a multitier application. It also explains how to use the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to create high-level design architecture artifacts since it is the most straightforward tool for depicting the layout of a sophisticated program. Finally, the book discusses a detailed CI/CD workflow for 3-tier custom-developed application infrastructure.

The reader will complete reading this book with a firm grasp of the fundamentals necessary to execute DevSecOps across a whole infrastructure. The book explains how to put into practice the cutting-edge cloud methodology of infrastructure provisioning using CI/CD pipelines in detail. In addition, the book gives a complete understanding of how to set up immutable multitier infrastructure utilizing programmable infrastructure/infrastructure as Code.


  • Dos and Don'ts while implementing immutable infrastructure.
  • Locating security flaws and incorrect settings across all cloud service providers.
  • Applying organization-specific security policies and validation during coding.
  • Handling Database Upgrades and Operating System Patches.
  • Learning the impact assessment on the infrastructure CI/CD pipeline.
  • Learning the ins and outs of public cloud systems like Amazon Web Services.
  • Commencing the process of continuous IaC delivery and IaC deployment.


Professionals in Cloud, DevOps, DevSecOps, and Software development will find several career-enhancing surprises in this book. In addition, reading about the cultural and process-specific challenges will benefit the leadership team, including the CTO, CIO, Enterprise Architect, and Infrastructure Head.