Insightful & Conceptual Coverage Of Internet & Blockchain Evolution, Bitcoin, Ethereal, Hyper-ledger, R3 Cora, Auxledger, Gdpr, Cybersecurity, Consensus, Mechanisms, Enterprise Applications, Global Developments, Baas Platforms, Disruptions Across Various Countries, Functional Areas Along With Solution Architectures.

Designed To Provide An Insight Into The Blockchain In Depth Concept.

Key Features
  • Book Provide The In Depth And Up To Date Information About The Technology.
  • Learn About Blockchain 1.0 To Blockchain 4.0
  • To Trace And Link The Dna Of Blockchain Paradigm To Real World Entities.
  • To Discuss Comprehensively The Relation Of Blockchain To The Cutting Edge Technologies Today
  • To Discuss The Role Of The Leading Global Technology Organizations In Promoting The Blockchain Ecosystem
  • Focus On The Impact Of Blockchain Technology On The Human Resources Function Through A Comprehensive Case Study.
  • Trace The Origin Of Internet To Blockchain Of The Future & Written Like A Story To Make The Blockchain Concept Well Understood In The Right Perspective And Context Of Digital World’s Challenges
What Will You Learn
  • Learn About Blockchain 1.0 To Blockchain 4.0
  • Daos & Icos-facilitating Entrepreneurship
  • Birth Of Enterprise Blockchain
  • Malware Attacks And The Cyberthreat.
  • Iot, Dmadv, Blockchain As A Service.


  • This book unfolds “Blockchain” in its true essence with no prefixes to it. Right sized for everyone who wants to hit the first mile on Blockchain.
  • This book will surely be a treasure for all those who are eager to know the disruptive impact & possibilities of this amazing paradigm.