Examine, Attack, and Exploit Flaws and Vulnerabilities in Advanced Wireless Networks


  • Extensive hands-on lab instructions in using Kali Linux to crack wireless networks.
  • Covers the misconceptions, failures, and best practices that can help any pen tester come up with their special cyber attacks.
  • Extensive coverage of Android and iOS pentesting, as well as attacking techniques and simulated attack scenarios.


This book satisfies any IT professional's desire to become a successful ethical hacker who is willing to be employed in identifying and exploiting flaws in the organization's network environment. This book explains in detail how to conduct wireless penetration tests using a wide variety of tools to simulate cyber attacks on both Android and iOS mobile devices and wireless networks.

This book walks you through the steps of wireless penetration testing from start to finish. Once Kali Linux has been installed on your laptop, as demonstrated, you will check the system requirements and install the wireless adapter. The book then explores the wireless LAN reconnaissance phase, which outlines the WEP and WPA/WPA2 security protocols and shows real-world attacks against them using Kali Linux tools like Aircrack-ng. Then, the book discusses the most recent and sophisticated cyberattacks that target access points and wireless devices and how to prepare a compelling and professionally presented report.

As a bonus, it removes myths, addresses misconceptions, and corrects common misunderstandings that can be detrimental to one's professional credentials. Tips and advice that are easy to implement and can increase their marketability as a pentester are also provided, allowing them to quickly advance toward a satisfying career in the field.


  • Learn all about breaking the WEP security protocol and cracking authentication keys.
  • Acquire the skills necessary to successfully attack the WPA/WPA2 protocol.
  • Compromise the access points and take full control of the wireless network.
  • Bring your laptop up to speed by setting up Kali Linux and a wifi adapter.
  • Identify security flaws and scan for open wireless LANs.
  • Investigate the process and steps involved in wireless penetration testing.


This book is primarily for pentesters, mobile penetration testing users, cybersecurity analysts, security engineers, and all IT professionals interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. Before diving into this book, familiarity with network security fundamentals is recommended.