How to Make Web Visualizations with D3js


  • Includes narrative tools to master data visualization methods, charts, templates, and D3.
  • Essential strategies for creating intelligent visualizations and modern graphs beyond simple lines, bars, and pie charts.
  • Provides the opportunity for readers to create the graphs that are best suited for their data.


Picking the most appropriate tool is essential whenever you develop a dynamic chart online. D3.js is a clear winner here. The author of this book set out to delve deeply into the software engineering community's most widely used charting library.

From data requests to scale and style, and even some experiment charts, you'll have a firm grasp on everything you need to know to create your charts. You can make static charts much more engaging by incorporating elements such as tooltips, interactions, legends, and selectors.

The book explains how to make a simple chart in easy-to-understand steps. Each chapter in the book will deepen your understanding of the different components of charts and the options that D3.js provides for making them. The book dives deeply into the code and examines various charting examples for different use cases. This book will help you learn to create charts by constantly referencing all chapters. 


  • Create 2D illustrations utilizing SVG, Canvas, and HTML5.
  • Try out all the different visualization and interaction methods that D3 offers.
  • Explore color, contour, noise, and texture.
  • Investigate D3's data-driven methods and DOM manipulation capabilities.
  • Get access to the full capabilities of modern browsers for producing optimal graphical user interfaces.


This book has been meticulously assembled for readers who work with data visualization, such as UI designers, web developers, makers of BI dashboards, and data analysts. It will teach you how to create the most engaging infographics from messy and stacked information.