Learn Deno with TypeScript


  • Take advantage of modern tools and frameworks like React and GraphQL.
  • Exposure to the Deno ecosystem and many different third-party modules.
  • Coverage of the creation of UIs and APIs for numerous apps.


Deno is a web platform that offers capabilities for JavaScript and TypeScript and supports modern web standards. It is a straightforward, up-to-date, secure runtime environment for web developers.

This book will teach all you need to know about Deno's primitives, its ideas, and how you can use them to build applications that work in the real world. The book's first part is devoted to familiarizing you with Deno's runtime and comprehensive ecosystem. This book will help you to get familiar with TypeScript and experiment with Deno. The book will also help you to learn about GraphQL and Oak and build basic scripts. It will help you to design basic web applications such as a phonebook application and a to-do list application, both of which will have their user interfaces (UI) and APIs developed.

This book will help you to get a good level of confidence with Deno over NodeJS so that you can start using Deno to build, maintain, and deploy web apps that are reliable and secure.


  • Get started with the basics of TypeScript and Deno. 
  • Use Deno to create your next React or Svelte app's user interface.
  • Develop a GraphQL API server with Deno.
  • Make the most of TypeScript when creating applications.
  • Take advantage of the various plugins that Deno and its creators offer.


Readers interested in utilizing the power of Deno to fuel their apps, whether they are web developers, TypeScript users, or JavaScript users will find this book helpful. The code will be easier to understand if you are familiar with JavaScript already.