Build Enterprise Systems Right


  • Access to real-world design and building resources, including tools, templates, and more.
  • Real-world examples and step-by-step instructions on what to avoid as you begin your enterprise architecture journey.
  • Proficiency in all stages of the architecture and design deployment process.


These days, more than ever, enterprise architects are the driving forces behind digital transformation initiatives and the vital link between IT and business. This book enables the readers to become self-sufficient Enterprise Architects by enabling them to understand the business strategy and design the technology landscape, encompassing systems, data, applications, platforms, and enterprise tools, following that strategy.

To comprehend the technology landscape, topics such as Stakeholder Matrix, HeatMaps, Value Stream Mapping, ERDs, Infrastructure, and Network diagrams are discussed in depth in this book. The book also covers numerous approaches for measuring the effectiveness of architecture implementation, including Balanced ScoreCards, OKRs, and Value Drivers – Design Thinking. This book instructs readers on how to create data pillars for complex, interconnected corporate systems. The book teaches you how to implement various architectures, including service-oriented architecture. It describes and illustrates popular tools used by Architectural teams and professionals.

The primary objective of this book is to match business requirements with the technical infrastructure that supports the service delivery team, business development team, and IT Integration team. This book ensures that the technologies chosen and how they are applied, satisfy the business goals of organizations and their customers.


  • Architecture Strategy and Frameworks like TOGAF.
  • Enterprise Architecture Maturity Assessment.
  • Architecture Design and its Model Development.
  • Selection of tools for Database, Application Design, Security, and Enterprise.
  • Storage, Cloud Computing Infrastructure, and Application Deployment.
  • Proof of Concept, Technology Stack Analysis, and Vendor Selection.
  • Architecture Audit and Compliance, Data Governance.


Enterprise Architects, Business Managers, Technology Advisors, Functional Consultants, and Solution Architects who play a critical role in implementing the business plan into action through technology enablement will find a wealth of useful information in this book, whether they are just starting their journey or have years of experience under their belts.