Start your journey in this exciting Android app development world


  • Start your Kotlin adventure from the very fundamentals to sophisticated Android programming.
  • Experience live coding of a video application, game design, and chat application.
  • Explore the Android framework, app creation, testing, and publication to the Google Play store.


As an ambitious Kotlin programmer or Android developer, are you frequently baffled by the options available to do a specific task? Or why a single solution is superior to the others for doing this Android task?

And most importantly, how can you do Kotlin programming employing this superior alternative?

The book ‘Building Android Projects with Kotlin’ teaches you all you need to know to create an incredible Android application. It describes the fundamentals of Android, its components, and their purposes. This book also emphasizes the significance of clean code, modular code writing, and architectural patterns. It teaches the reader how to analyze the performance of a layout, how to select the best picture format and the fundamentals of multiscreen application development.

This book discusses the creation of chat applications, video-sharing applications, and video games. The book will discuss best practices, libraries, functional requirement collecting, and feature development while constructing and explaining the functionalities of these applications. A range of topics like Android fundamentals, layout and image optimization, practical development tools, writing clean code, multiscreen app development, creating chat apps, video sharing applications, and games will be learned throughout this book.


  • Develop the ability to write well-structured programs and modular codes.
  • Workaround ExoPlayer, Notifications, RecyclerView, ToolBar, Unity, Jetpack components, etc.
  • Explore and use Memory analyzer, Database analyzer, Logcat, and Layout Inspector.
  • Examine the design patterns and performance of various layout designs and optimize accordingly.
  • Create different designs for mobile and tablets in the same application.


Aspiring Android developers, Kotlin programmers, and mobile developers would benefit from reading this book by improving their writing skills and fully utilizing the benefits of Kotlin in their application development. However, before reading this book, it would be beneficial to know Kotlin.