Explore the IoT with other emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and Blockchain Technology 


  • Learn from the basics of Internet of Everything, Industry 4.0, and Society 5.0.
  • Check your knowledge with self-assessment questions and case studies.
  • Supports the Government of India project “Digital India” and visualizes its completeness through the Internet of Things.
  • Build a smarter environment (Smart Grid, Smart Home, Smart Transportation) through smart devices.
  • Explore critical challenges with the future of IoT devices and possible uses in the next decade with IoTs devices.


The Internet of Things is a new technology that scientists predict will transform the entire Internet and its components. This book explores how the Internet of Things would be incomplete without Artificial Intelligence. The emphasis would be on recent breakthroughs in the Internet of Things and their societal applications. IoT and IoE can deliver effective services in various areas, improving people's lives.

This book teaches readers about the Internet of Things, its varieties, and its applications in various beneficial industries, including smart farming, smart homes, waste management systems, smart transportation systems, smart environments, and smart healthcare. In addition, numerous upcoming technologies and their integration with IoT devices have been included in this book through hands-on smart projects to help readers easily grasp the concepts. The book concludes with numerous IoT-AI-Blockchain studies, which are the future of IoT for researchers.


  • Implement IoT and its different technologies to create smarter projects.
  • Explore IoT and its many variations.
  • Investigate IoT applications and the cloud-based technology that underpins them.
  • Consider IoT's impact on healthcare, security, and other industries.
  • Discover how the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Blockchain will play a role in the Smarter Future.


The book is primarily for anyone who wishes to learn about the IoT and its applications. Students, researchers, academicians, industry professionals, governmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations (NGO, Research Labs) will find this book extremely useful for implementing smart projects.